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Residence Life loosens restrictions for underclassmen

By Lizzy Spano
Posted on August 24, 2009 | News | 6 comments

Changes by the Office of Residence Life to residence and housing regulations affect both freshmen and sophomores living on campus this semester.

These changes include new visitation and curfew regulations for freshmen; resident director and assistant director responsibilities and qualifications; and a new spiritual focus, said Amanda Buchanan, senior psychology major and assistant director of Morris Hall from Lubbock.

Although Sunday through Thursday, midnight curfew will remain intact, Residence Life directors eliminated weekend curfew for freshmen students. Also, weekend visitation is being considered, in addition to visitation hours Thursday.

“Weekend curfew was changed in part because these freshmen are adults, and we need to be able to treat them like adults,” Buchanan said.  “It has been a process of trying to say to students that we want to be here to help you make wise choices, but it’s their decision to make.”

Buchanan said that Residence Life also had students’ safety in mind when deciding to eliminate weekend curfew.

“The dorm needs to be a safe place,” Buchanan said. “If something happens or plans change, it’s much better for them to have somewhere safe and protected to stay than for them to find a random acquaintance because they are locked out of the dorm.”

Jess Schell, junior youth and family ministry major and Gardner Hall resident assistant from Fort Worth, agreed the decision to eliminate curfew already has been a positive experience for freshmen.

“There’s a definite difference in attitude,” Schell said. “They are very excited about it; they are more willing to trust us because they know we are willing to trust them, and we value their space and personal time.”

In addition, resident directors and assistant directors of all freshman dorms have changed their work schedule and responsibilities this semester. Resident directors will now rotate through all dorms in a weekly “on-call” position, instead of each director being responsible for a single dorm.

Residence Life is emphasizing a new spiritual focus this semester, as well, Buchanan said.  Students and faculty will be encouraged to spend more time in spiritual solitude, and Come to the Quiet Chapel will be more frequent, so that students are provided with spiritual time without distractions.

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6 Responses for “Residence Life loosens restrictions for underclassmen”

  1. avatar Cris says:

    I graduated from ACU in 2007, so my freshman year we very much had a curfew and ACU students very much had a no-alcohol policy. Although both of these policies have been changed since I left, I am thankful that they have. I was a rule follower, so curfew was never a problem for me, but I had friends who weren’t. When the signed out on the weekends and plans went array, they had to find somewhere to go, and often were encouraged to make choices they shouldn’t. I agree with a no curfew rule in the dorms on the weekends because it provides a way out to anyone heading into a bad situation.

    In response to jwm, I had a blast in the dorms and agree that sophomore year the dorm was boring…but usually dorm life fun happened during the week anyway, not on the weekends. I think that the freshman experience will now be richer, and they will have more opportunities to learn how to be adults making adult decisions.

  2. avatar jwm02g says:

    I personally recommend the old rules on curfew. I can see the drinking rules, and if they enforce them better than they used to, that could work well. The curfew think, for me, is an issue of missing out.

    By my sophomore year, dorms were boring. It was like an apt. you go home to an empty hall, open one of fifty identical doors, and live in your cubical.

    Freshman year was different though. I made friends precisely because I had to be in the dorms. Honestly I did not really need to be anywhere after 1:00 AM on weekends. But, because I had to come in a bit before freshman like to go to bed (and trust me, 11:30 was plenty late to do anything I needed during the week), we all had open door policies and enjoyed hanging out. The dorm experience is the only reason I stayed at ACU after a financial “misunderstanding” and now I praise God I stayed

  3. avatar James Green says:


    One of ACUs missions is to honor God and the laws of the land as God said. If I saw underage drinking, I reported it, etc, as it is not christian. If I saw several members of a club drinking or doing illegal stuff together, I would put that as my facebook status to bring light on stuff they were doing against university rules.

    Peoples’ parents (not mine, I paid for my education) send ACU knowing their kid will be morally safe till they are 21 under ACU, and many parents tell their children: “ACU or we don’t pay for your school”

    The co-ed swimming issue is nothing about ACU: the donor’s of the pool requested that ACU not allow co-ed swimming.

    If these students are adults, then why can’t they drink? Adults are expected to follow the rules of the workplace, i.e. no smoking in offices, or they face termination. College is a job, a full time job, so why should it be diffferent

  4. avatar TNP says:

    Thank goodness. It is absolutely silly that a college tries to interfere with the lives of adults. Seriously – I don’t think that true Christians need to be babysat. If they stay up too late and don’t make it to class, it’s their problem. If they choose to do things in their room with a member of the opposite sex, it’s their problem. These ancient rules are what keep Christians from other denominations from attending ACU. I think the rest of the silly rules need to go to. Still no co-ed swimming?

  5. avatar James Green says:

    This is ridiculous, honestly. ACU used to be known for the strictness and upholding of Christian Morals. Weekend visitiation, what next, allowing male and females to room together? No curfew on weekends, so I assume students don’t need to check out anymore (I was told that was because most of the students are NOT 21, and still dependents of the parents that this is a safety issue). They extended the curfew 30 minutes a couple years back. The freshmen are getting everything, I left, I came out with a $60,000+ piece of paper in a tube There is a commons area in the dorms, that is open from 6am to midnight every night when I was there that males and females could mingle, do whatever under supervision of a desk manager, which helped ensure the Christian message that ACU is trying to pass along.

    They also lifted the alcohol rule there, where you can drink even if you live off campus as a student, of course this led to alot of underage drinking and partying, as I said, so I predict this will lead to more, as underage students can now get drunk and not come back to the dorms with any suspection of alchohol, they can stay there on friday or saturday nights.

    Congrats ACU on allowing people to do this.

  6. avatar WFuller says:

    I disagree. ACU has year after year become more and more lenient with the rules which once made this school different from others. Now the freshman cry wolf and the ACU world asks what they need, every time. Hey freshman, start crying “football stadium!” Money decides to leave and we turn into TCU, sweet. I was a freshman once, I didn’t LIKE curfew, but I paid my dues and dealt with it.

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