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Division I football needs a playoff system to determine champions

By Austin Gwin
Posted on December 4, 2009 | Columnists | 2 comments

I would like to inform all the TCU and Boise State fans of one undeniable truth. Regardless of how good your football team is, you will never play in a national championship under the Bowl Championship Series system. It should not be that way, but it is. The BCS is a terrible system to determine a champion. It only exists to make money – a lot of money.

Boise State has lost only three regular-season games in the last four years, but they have been invited to a BCS bowl only once. In that game against Oklahoma, they pulled off one of the most miraculous wins in college football history. Given the chance, Boise State showed it belonged in the upper echelon of college football. But it still wasn’t the championship.

This year, both Boise State and TCU will get to play in BCS bowl games, but that isn’t enough. Let’s give them a shot at the championship. The BCS punishes Boise and TCU for not having schedules as difficult as Big 12 or Southeastern Conference teams. But when Boise sends an open invitation to play any school and no one bites, is that Boise’s fault?

So, instead, the Broncos and Horned Frogs run through their schedules and win every game against mediocre schools. They do everything asked of them. They are perfect. Unfortunately, computers that know everything there is to know about college football determine which two teams play in the championship.

I propose an eight-team playoff system. If Boise and TCU really aren’t as good as the Floridas and Texases of the world, then they will lose, and the teams that deserve it will win. Thousands of people call into work sick for a reason the first Thursday and Friday in March. March Madness is a fair and competitive way to determine one true champion. The NCAA could even give the football playoff a cool name, like the Winter Classic or the Holiday Showdown.

If we set up a playoff between the top eight teams right now, the first-round matchups would be as follows: Florida (1) vs. Ohio State (8); Alabama (2) vs. Oregon (7); Texas (3) vs. Boise St. (6); and TCU (4) vs. Cincinnati (5). I am positive the BCS won’t give us matchups that good.

I implore you, NCAA, get rid of the BCS and go to my playoff system. If you don’t, you will continue to say to millions of college football fans, “A team can do everything right and still get shafted.”

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2 Responses for “Division I football needs a playoff system to determine champions”

  1. avatar tat06g says:

    acu needs to get better columnists

  2. avatar erm08a says:

    okay first off let me say this, no big named school wants to play a team like TCU or Boise state just because they have suddenly got a winning streak. Alabama earned their way to the championship just like Texas did, Sure Oregon did good this year but their program hasn’t been known to be great every year. People don’t want to see a one time team come in and go to the BCS championship once and then maybe 5 or 6 years later come back again because they all of a sudden get good again. Flordia, Oregon, and Ohio State all have losses anyways so no reason they should go;Cincinnati didnt play anybody good and their last game against Flordia they will lose, which leaves the other two lucky teams, TCU and Boise, let them play if it will satisfy you, but I know that neither of those two teams have the depth chart that it would take to overcome Bama or Texas

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