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Christians can’t tolerate homosexuality

By Optimist Reader
Posted on November 16, 2010 | Letters to the Editor | 4 comments

Addressing GLBTQ issues as a loving Christian.

Being a Christian is hard. And becoming one guarantees a hard life filled with struggles and conviction, especially with the loaded topic of: Sex. Because, without God, no moral rules would exist to limit or condone any sexual activity. Repeatedly, throughout the Bible, sexual immorality, adultery and homosexuality are deemed sinful, and those actively participating in such “will not inherit the Kingdom of God” (1 Corinth. 6:9-10). Sex, or even lust, whether gay or straight, should not be embraced outside of a one man/one woman marriage relationship. When building an alliance with “queer” organizations, as a university or individual, I believe we are sending a mixed message about what we believe to be right or wrong, acceptable or not.

People in general typically seek acceptance. But I can’t accept a sinful lifestyle for acceptance sake. I have friends and even relatives who have considered themselves homosexual. Did I stop loving them? Did I refuse to hug them? Of course not! But did I support their decisions, embrace their claimed identity, or encourage their sexual lifestyle? Absolutely not.

In the former letter, it was mentioned that “queer” individuals feel their identities are shameful, and that’s natural – because it is. The identity they are seeking acceptance for is wrong. Sin, of all sorts, is supposed to convict us, discourage recurrence, and expands our need and craving for Jesus. Our true identities and confidence can then be founded in Christ.

After much research, some involving genetics, I have come to the conclusion that homosexuals are not “born that way”. Many, not all, don’t intentionally choose to be attracted to the same sex, but nonetheless are. The majority of un-biased research accredits homosexual tendencies to a developmental physiological disorder, which can be corrected. Redemption is available for those who genuinely seek it.

I may be bold to say this, but when asking “WWJD?” I find myself picturing Jesus loving and socializing with sinners of all kinds: prostitutes, liars, thieves and homosexuals. Followed up by saying, “Go and sin no more.” Not, “Go embrace your sinful identity and do what feels right.”

Rebekah Leitner, senior nutrition major from Cincinnati

avatar Posted by Optimist Reader on Nov 16th, 2010 and filed under Letters to the Editor. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Both comments and pings are currently closed.  - This post has been viewed 118378 times.
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4 Responses for “Christians can’t tolerate homosexuality”

  1. avatar mitchellholt says:

    Forgot to mention that I graduated from ACU in 2007 with a print journalism degree and now reside in Austin.

  2. avatar mitchellholt says:

    Firstly, a topic of this nature cannot be effectively tackled in a 300-or-so-word letter to the editor. Secondly, citing scripture in a letter of this nature wouldn’t fly in most real-world settings. This letter is flimsy at best.

    That aside, I find it humorous and unfortunate that you said, “After much research, some involving genetics, I have come to the conclusion that homosexuals are not “born that way”,” but didn’t provide a single shred of concrete support to back this serious claim.

    One of the most dangerous parts of this column is that you lumped homosexuals in with “prostitutes, liars, thieves…”. That’s a wonderful way to further isolate these valuable members of society from the Christian community. Your target audience in this letter is obviously other Christians that you assume share your sentiments on the topic, doing nothing but fueling the “gay fire” that has caused an overwhelming amount of hate, resentment, isolation, anti-gay rallies, and gay treatment camps, among many other things, throughout history.

    Why do we have to take an aggressive approach when discussing homosexuality? Why do we have to throw scripture at people in an attempt to “cure” this Christian-acclaimed “disease”? What elevates this topic above the money-centered church, greed, complacency, government-structured church and corruption?

    Answer: Because homosexuality makes Christians more uncomfortable than the other things they call sins. It gets more attention because two men or women holding hands gives them an uneasy, disgusted feeling.

    I have a lot of gay friends who have expressed their distaste with the church–whether church of Christ, Baptist, Methodist, etc.–because of the church’s approach to this issue. Many of these friends are in lifelong commitments to their partners, strong in their faith and wish nothing more than to reconcile with an accepting, loving church.

    However, like during the Civil Rights Movement, the church seems to be the consistent historical leader in crusades against minority groups–whether African Americans, women, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims, or homosexuals. I encourage all Christians, including the Optimist reader who wrote this letter, to take a forward-thinking approach, avoiding a quick attack on uncomfortable behavior. Let’s open our doors and start discussing topics more relevant and productive to life.

    The church and the world would be a much better, unified place if we avoided topics that we’re never going to agree upon. Let’s concentrate on being a light in the world, no strings or sermons attached.

    Less talk more rock!

    • avatar Becka12 says:

      I read your response and would like to give you a more thourough, yet still inadequate response to this issue, and to follow-up a bit to my originally published letter.

      I agree that a topic of this nature truly deserves more than 300 words, but it was brought up in that much space (letter published 1 week prior to mine), and I did my best with what I had available to me.

      Secondly, I will freely admit that the research around the issue has been neither proven nor disproven to be a trait of birth. However, there is substantial evidence that the lifestyle chosen by homosexuals has direct links to the way they were raised, or the poor opposite-sex relationships that they have had while growing up. You can say they are, I can say they aren’t, but even top scientist/psychologist can’t agree on that. But I do know that many, if not all, of the studies “proving” that homosexuals are “born that way” had an agenda. And one credible study with rats (unbiased as you can get) provided even stronger evidence that environment affected a lot of their sexual behavior and preference later in life. Of course there are many, many studies I have looked at, this is just one.

      Thirdly, I lumped homosexuality in with other forms of sinful lifestyles that the Bible mentions. The Bible never says any of those actions are okay, although He did in fact work through sin (several prostitutes) to accomplish good. That is not to say that a sinful lifestyle should be permitted, promoted, or embraced. Sin is like a fatal Spiritual virus that only Jesus can heal and save us from, but if left to run rampant will leave destruction in its path. That is why I continue to stand on what the Bible says, it is the never changing Truth, and if we do not stand on it we will be swept away like the house built on the sand (end of Matthew 7). Jesus loved the sinner, but did not embrace their sinful actions – as I said in the original response letter.

      Fourthly, I am uncomfortable with sin, both in my life and in others. And it is for that reason that I aggressively fight homosexuality. Because it is a sin that is being culturally accepted (which does not make it any more right), and few are standing up against it.
      Also, it is also being thrown in our face. I know of a Private Catholic Orphanage that had to close the good work it was doing because they wouldn’t adopt to a gay couple (even when there were 2 orphanages in town that would). I know of a (private) photographer that went out of business because they were sued for refusing to take pictures for a gay wedding. Those people had rights to do business with who they wanted but were stripped of them and were persecuted for their unwillingness to break their moral convictions. And Morals were not on the table with the “African Americans, women, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims” situations we have historically faced in the past. The homosexual movement is trying to take away the rights of others for their own societal acceptance.

      Finally, as a nutrition major, who must know a lot of science and about the anatomical/physiological human body, I know that the body was not designed to do what homosexuals do. The actions performed are unnatural, unhealthy, and harmful. There is plenty of evidence for that and I don’t think I need to expound. It only makes sense for God to make a rule against homosexuality if it had negative effects, otherwise why would he make it. He made it to protect us. Alot of things have changed over the years, but the human body isn’t one of them. If God took away the higher risk of STDs, HIV, colon/rectal cancer, reduced life-expectancy, and made it so that procreation occurred naturally – I would be on the other side of this issue.

      • avatar Becka12 says:

        (for verification – no need to publish) this has already been published in my original letter. my name is Rebekah Leitner, Senior Nutrition Major from Cincinnati

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