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Kinsmen raise funds through volleyball

By Nikki Wilson
Posted on May 2, 2012 | News | Comments Off on Kinsmen raise funds through volleyball

Students filed into Moody for Chapel Monday to find the men of Gamma Sigma Phi playing the last couple of minutes of their 68-hour volleyball tournament.

The Kinsmen conducted the world record breaking tournament to raise funds for a family through Habitat for Humanity. Starting at 3pm Friday afternoon, through 11:01am Monday morning, GSP club members along with any ACU students and faculty were invited to join in the volleyball games. Their financial goal $20,000 by Monday.

Throughout the 68 hours, GSP members took different shifts between playing volleyball games, cheering on other students, and getting about six hours of sleep over the three days. After setting up camp in one of the gyms at the Rec Center, students passed the time by watching movies, eating, drinking coffee and making Facebook videos.

Matt Sanderson, junior marketing and finance major from Lubbock, is the Service Activities director of GSP. He said that the idea has been in the works since last semester.

“GSP started working with Habitat for Humanity last fall, and that was also when I was challenged to dream big. A seed was embedded in me and God came into my heart. He said I want you to do something big. Where there’s big problems or when things seem impossible, that’s where the biggest opportunities are. So I took that, presented it to club and the guys ran with it,” he said.

Sanderson also said that the clubs theme verse of Matthew 20:28 was fueling this event.

“What I wanted to do is use our verse as a driving force for club as a whole and for this fundraiser. It’s one of the best feelings to do this, and to see the student body, not just GSP come together for this was incredible. It’s about all of us becoming servants,” he said.

Steven Leggett, Executive Director of the Abilene chapter of Habitat for Humanity, came to Chapel Monday morning to speak on Habitat’s mission in Abilene and to thank the ACU community for their efforts.

“The family receiving the house will move into it later this year. Its a great construction project, and I know the family is excited as we are. You guys this weekend are just another chapter in Habitat’s story,” Leggett said. “We are a community building a house for someone who deserves it, and I want to thank you for your efforts to the guys and gals who participated by playing volleyball. Habitat’s mission is to put God’s love into action by uniting people to build homes, communities and hope. You guys have done all three. God bless, and thank you very much.”

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