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Decision not final on demise of The Den

By Gabi Powell
Posted on October 23, 2012 | News | Comments Off on Decision not final on demise of The Den

After serving six years as the java wellspring for weary students, The Den coffee shop in Barret Hall is rumored to be closing its doors.

But Anthony Williams, chief business services officer, said The Den will stay – for now.

“No concrete decisions have been made,” he said. “We are constantly discussing our dining program and trying to evaluate how to best serve student demands.”

For some regulars, like Mariah English, sophomore communications major from San Antonio, news of the Den’s possible closing was surprising.

“I hadn’t even remotely heard about it,” she said. “I usually get coffee there every Monday, Wednesday and Friday when I have class in the Den classroom. I love the Den because, first off, I live in Barret Hall, and that is the common place for boys and girls to hang out, and also it’s a cozy little study area.”

The Den’s future is not being singled out from other dining locations, said Williams.

“There have been conversations about which campus dining services are most viable for students, not just the Den,” he said. “But all these things have only been brought up in conversation.”

Like many students, Mariah English finds the Den a valuable asset to the dining areas offered to students.

“The Den may not have a line out the door, but I see customers in there often and is a good little study place to have some coffee and a quiet atmosphere,” she said. “I personally think The Den is a fantastic addition to campus. “

With winter around the corner, campus coffee spots, like the Den, become a place for students’ social gatherings or studying sanctuaries. And for now, it looks like students can enjoy their pumpkin lattes a little longer.

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