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McCarty crowned first King of Campus Court

By Gabi Powell
Posted on October 19, 2012 | News,Showcase | Comments Off on McCarty crowned first King of Campus Court
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Prentis McCarty strolls across the end zone of Shotwell Stadium during Saturday's Homecoming football game. McCarty was crowned the first King of Campus Court during Chapel on Friday. (Optimist photo by Mandy Lambright)

Prentis McCarty is the first ACU King of Campus Court.

The dukes dueled during a live debate Tuesday night, in hopes of winning student votes as ACU’s first “King of Campus Court.”

Providing a needed break from the heated political debates, Hart Auditorium was the site of comical questions for the finalists of the King title.

McCarty, Clint Coulter, Evan Hernandez and Jonathan Pruitt were asked absurd questions ranging from, “Describe your dating life using the title of a reality TV show” to showcasing their best wildcat mating call.

Before the debate took place, Zack Morgan, senior biology major from Keller who pitched the idea to Students’ Association, explained why this event would be important for students deciding who is worthy to be King.

“The debate is important because it signifies the first time that the finalists appear together in front of the whole student body,” he said. “It’s akin to the Homecoming Queen Court being introduced during Chapel. The students will get much more of an opportunity to see and get to know the personalities of the people they could end up voting for. Also, it’s going to be hilarious. I imagine the candidate able to garner the most laughs winning some serious votes tonight.”

Around 40 students attended the duke jousting, making for a light-hearted atmosphere with much laughing. The officers of the Student Alumni Association gave the moderators a list of questions, but also played off the responses of the dukes.

Pruitt, criminal justice and psychology major from Recife, Brazil and Duke of Teague, said he enjoyed participating, closing with remarks of a promise if elected King, he “will make sure Big Bird will keep his job.”

“I guess I really didn’t hesitate because I went into this just focusing on having fun, and trying not to take it too seriously,” he said.

No candidate was a clear winner, but each made a convincing campaign for their election as King of Campus Court.

“All the contestants garnered lots of laughs, and were all-around entertaining throughout,” Morgan said.

Immediately following the debate, online voting was made open to students until Thursday evening. The King will be announced and crowned during Chapel on Friday.

“One thing we wanted to definitely avoid in making this tradition was having just another homecoming king competition,” Morgan said. “I think that the debate gives an event like this a certain character and feel that distinguishes this title from traditional homecoming crownings. The King of Campus Court isn’t so much a position you win by doing a lot of community service and being a popular student. We want this competition to bring out individual personalities.”

Duke of Judge Ely- Clint Coulter- health promotions major from Celina

Duke of Ambler- Evan Hernandez- history major from San Antonio

Duke of Teague Blvd.- Jonathan Pruitt- criminal justice and psychology major from Recife, Brazil

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