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Romney/Ryan offer best vision for nation

By Special Contributor
Posted on October 23, 2012 | Columns,Opinion | Comments Off on Romney/Ryan offer best vision for nation

This guest column was submitted by Stewart McGregor, president of the College Republicans.

Are you and your family better off than you were four years ago? If the answer is no, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have a great, common-sense plan to get America on the path to success and sustainability.

Currently, your share of the national debts equals approximately $51,000. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have contributed to this travesty. However, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are serious about reigning in the debt problem in Washington, D.C., along with jump-starting job creation to curb the stagnant 7.8 percent national unemployment rate and create 12 million jobs.

Romney spent over twenty years in the private sector where he specialized in reviving corporations that were on the verge of financial ruin. In addition to experience in the private sector, Romney was the Governor of Massachusetts. During that time, Romney worked effectively with a state legislature that was 87 percent Democrat.  As governor, he tackled the unemployment rate in Massachusetts and brought it down to just 4.7 percent.  On a personal note, Governor Romney gave nearly 30 percent of his income to charitable organizations in 2011.

Romney’s running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan, is a great complement to Romney’s impressive resume. As a seven-term congressman, Ryan fought for smarter, more efficient government. Currently, Ryan serves as the Chairman of the House Budget Committee – he’s a numbers guy who understands public budgeting. The two of them together create a powerhouse that is ready to tackle the nation’s largest public policy problems.

Romney and Ryan have a 5-point plan they will implement on day one of taking office. The first step in their plan is to achieve energy independence by 2020 by opening up America’s market for all kinds of energy creation which will help drive down gasoline prices and create thousands of jobs. Second, they plan to expand trade to help businesses and workers and to regulate countries that do not play by fair trade rules. Third, they want to provide better higher education and public education along with skills training to make the American workforce more competitive with the rest of the world. Fourth, Romney and Ryan want to create a better business climate by cutting the size of the government, decreasing the deficit and reducing the national debt. Finally, they plan to support small businesses by reforming the tax code and cutting red tape to create more jobs.

When it comes to health care, Romney and Ryan believe in creating free market solutions that help Americans get access to the health care they deserve. On his first day in office, Romney plans to issue an executive order to repeal the expensive Obamacare mandate. He will work to replace it with a policy that is more cost-effective and efficient, yet provides affordable quality health care to Americans. He wants to strengthen our foreign policy and target terror cell groups. A Romney/Ryan administration will also work to protect the lives of the unborn.

Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan have a great vision for this nation. This vision is attainable, but can only be attained through people like you. I hope you will join me and millions of other Americans in voting for a Romney/Ryan administration, so that their vision can become reality.

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