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Seniors in the running for King

By Taylor Langston
Posted on October 4, 2012 | News | Comments Off on Seniors in the running for King

For years the Homecoming Queen has been named stag, without the companionship of a knight so worthy of Homecoming recognition. Soon that will change when many handsome hopefuls looking to step out in elegance.

Zach Morgan, senior biology major from Keller, was inspired by the idea for a potential Homecoming King, and after meeting with the Students’ Association, the ‘King Of Campus Court’ was born.

“It’s a cross between a traditional Homecoming King or Queen competition and a mock-pageant,” Morgan said.

After the potential candidates have applied and interviewed they will become one of five dukes – Duke of Ambler, Duke of Campus Court, Duke of Judge Ely, Duke of College Drive and Duke of Teague.

“This isn’t the traditional Homecoming King competition, so it doesn’t have all the stipulations that campaigning does for being a Homecoming Queen. We want them to be creative, the lighthearted aspect of the event will contribute to the creativity and ingenuity of the campaign,” Morgan said.

Each of the five dukes will emerge before the student body the week of Homecoming to make their debut as measly squires in pursuit of the prestigious title.

“We want them to be active on campus,” Morgan said. “Someone who is involved, not just someone that is pursuing this title: an all-around good student who is involved in the ACU community.”

Morgan, along with the help of Andrew Morrison, senior accounting major from Copper Canyon, and Aubree Selinger, junior family studies major from Grapevine, is looking for candidates who embody the life of an ACU student.

“We want them to be active. Someone involved on campus and generally an all around good student that is involved in the ACU community,” Selinger said.

Candidates are welcome to nominate themselves on

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