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Voter priorities need changing

By Samantha Sutherland
Posted on October 18, 2012 | Columns,Opinion | Comments Off on Voter priorities need changing

There are many factors that go into picking a favorite candidate for presidency – or at least there should be. For some it’s as simple as picking a donkey or an elephant. For others that invest more time learning about the candidates and their stances, there is more consideration involved. However, there may need to be some rearranging on the public’s priority list.

The Big Bird arguments and attacks, while funny, are prime examples of this need for revision. Time spent arguing about PBS is time that is not spent highlighting more important issues.

There are a range of topics that candidates take public stances on, such as corporal punishment, foreign policy, debt problems and preserving national parks.

It is easy for many individuals to get lost in the fun of competition, especially if candidates are willing to put on a good show. Yet, these elections hold an incredible amount of power for our country.

There are many issues that are not highlighted by the media, seen in campaign ads or questioned in public debates that can be transformational to the way our country operates. Just because these decisions aren’t featured on The Colbert Report, doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Candidates should be analyzed thoroughly, in more areas than are currently emphasized, so voters can be certain they picked a presidential candidate that can make wise decisions regarding all issues.

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