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Why I believe in the values of the Democratic Party

By Special Contributor
Posted on October 23, 2012 | Columns,Opinion | 2 comments

This guest column was submitted by Elizabeth Koepke, president of the College Democrats.

I believe an individual deserves the freedom to live by the convictions of his or her own conscience, and that his or her freedom only ends when he or she infringes on the rights of another person, causing harm or the restriction of life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness. The U.S. government has a duty to protect these rights and prevent infringement, and should never impose a law that infringes on these conditions of freedom.

This is one of the core values of the Democratic Party.

I also believe in aiding my neighbor, by giving him food or medicine because Jesus taught me to do this. I do not consider whether or not my neighbor “deserves” my aid; I simply seek to know if he or she needs it and how he or she can access it. I don’t mind paying a little more in taxes if it means my neighbor is taken care of. More than 46.2 million Americans are in poverty. This means children are hungry, adults cannot afford simple, but life-saving medicines, and people my age cannot afford higher education.

It is common sense that the hungry and sick make less productive students and workers. Have you ever not eaten for two days and been sick and tried to go to work or ace a test? It is next to impossible; the human body does have its limits. I would like to believe that the Church could take care of everyone, but that is not a reality in this country. Because of this, the Democratic Party views it as the responsibility of the greater community to aid the hungry and sick, the poor and the uneducated.

I believe in the power of diplomacy in international relations. Military force is a necessary evil that should only be used in the most extreme of circumstances, after all diplomatic measures have been exhausted and according to international law military force is the only plausible course of action. The Democratic Party believes in this approach as one of its core values.

I believe in electing leaders who believe in these core values, like President Obama and Senator candidate Paul Sadler. I believe in the Democratic Party.

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2 Responses for “Why I believe in the values of the Democratic Party”

  1. avatar Cindy says:

    When I speak of “VALUES” I’m speaking of CHRISTIAN values. What type of Christian values are you speaking of in the Democratic Party? This is ludicrous to write this article, and others like it, to an audience of Christian, hard working, family loving, God fearing, gospel spreading, charity giving, law abiding, ACU supporters and not expect to offend.

  2. avatar says:

    I ask, how can one be a Christian and a Democrat and support the Democratic Party and their values?

    If you read The Constitution of the United States, the government has only 2 responsibilities. The first one is to protect it’s citizens and second is to regulate interstate commerce.

    If you read the Bible, we as Christians have a number of responsibilities such as to care for the sick, care for the orphans & widows, care for those less fortunate.

    As John F. Kennedy once said, “Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country”. I think that we as Christians, we have forgotten the principals of helping others that Christ taught in the Bible, but we are wanting our country to do our responsibilities for us, we will just give them more tax dollars.

    When was the last time YOU gave of your time and helped out the homesless by working in a soup kitchen or helped those in need, such as building a house, helping construct a playground or donating clothes to Christian Services, etc? I serve on a several boards of non-profits and it is nice to have the contributions of money to help, but we also like those warm bodies to come and lend a helping hand.

    It is not the government’s responsibility to care for the needy, but ours. This is one of the core values of being a Christrian.

    As a Christian, how do you justify supporting the Democratic party who supports same sex marriage or abortion, plus several other “values” that are not in harmony with Christ’s teachings?

    Do we need to overhaul the health care syatem, yes. But it needs to be up to the private sectory and let the free enterprise system work. If the government takes over everything and tries to regulate our lives, we become a socialistic country and the next thing they will be telling us is where and when and if we can go to church.

    I hope that you and your fellow Democratic college students give some thought to how can I be a Christian and a Democratic, knowing what ALL the party stands for. It’s an all or nothing. You can’t say I only support these “core values”.

    Kay See, CPA
    ACU 1981

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