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Bagel Wagon opens after renovations

By Katie Greene
Posted on November 1, 2012 | News | Comments Off on Bagel Wagon opens after renovations

The new and improved Bagel Wagon opened its doors on Monday on the first floor in the Hardin Administration building.

The space, which used to have very little counter space and dim lighting, now has more area to showcase food and beverages and better lighting to make it more welcoming.

“We made an attempt to present the candy and snacks as best we could,” said Tom Arellano, senior food service director for Aramark.

The fresh lighting and organized shelf space has already drawn more students in to buy snacks and beverages.

The new refrigerators and counter space also allows for Aramark to introduce many more food and beverage items. Items such as fruit cups, jello, Lunchables, candy and sandwiches all are available as part of the convenient atmosphere. Other new items include Java City coffee, cappuccinos from the new cappuccino machine, medications, batteries and even razors.

The Bagel Wagon was remodeled in only three days over Fall Break.

“We took advantage of the students enjoying their break,” Arellano said. “We came in Friday, Saturday and Sunday and had it finished.”

The counter tops were replaced with refrigerator space and more shelves and lighting fixtures were installed.

The Aramark staff has noticed positive student reactions to the Bagel Wagon right away.

“They are astonished because they did it over Fall Break,” said Mary Trimmins who has worked for Aramark for 12 years.

The new Bagel Wagon surprised students who have had classes in the Admin building all semester.

“It was very funny watching students walk by because their body would keep moving but their head would stop, and they would take a second look because it was something they weren’t used to,” Arellano said.

While the Bagel Wagon has not seen a huge jump in student traffic so far, Aramark is hopeful for the near future.

“There will probably be more students once they find out it’s here and has different stuff,” Trimmins said.

The Bagel Wagon accepts bean bucks, credit cards and cash.

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