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Ethnos brings “Culture Shock” to campus

By Alikay Wood
Posted on November 7, 2012 | Arts & Culture | Comments Off on Ethnos brings “Culture Shock” to campus
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Shades step squad performed in last year's Ethnos Culture Show in Cullen Auditorium. (File photos by Adrian Patenaude)

This weekend the International Student’s Association will be bringing a “Culture Shock” to ACU with the Ethnos culture show.

Adrien Patenaude, junior Ad/PR major from Phrae, Thailand is the producer of Ethnos.

“Culture shock is what happens when people of distinct cultures come together and are shocked by the differences they encounter,” Patenaude said.

Patenaude is excited about the variety of cultures represented this year and the discussions the theme has prompted among students.

“It brings awareness about some of the struggles international students experience as they transition into a completely foreign culture,” Patenaude said.

Although the show lost one of their most well known acts, the mime performance, Ethnos this year will still be an exciting show featuring acts from various student groups around campus, including first time Ethnos performers from Thai. Attendees can also look forward to a special surprise act.

Omega Dance Company has performed in Ethnos for the past three years and is presenting an Irish dance this year.

Kelcie Broom, senior art major from Richardson, is president of Omega.

“Ethnos is always one of our favorite performances of the year because of the opportunity it gives us to do something unique and out-of-the-box,” Broom said.

Many of the organizations involved with Ethnos are taking their acts in new directions this year. Although the show is tied together by the theme and short skits in between acts, the organizations have freedom to be creative with their performances.

“When we encounter a person of a different culture, our world expands. And it doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. When our world expands, it also becomes more beautiful. It helps us realize that the opportunities are endless,” Patenaude said.

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