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Kenley teacher brings students to polling station

By Edward Isaacs
Posted on November 7, 2012 | Features | Comments Off

Marla Diaz shows up to the University Church parking lot in a van carrying a group of around 10 kids from Kenley School in Abilene.

Diaz teaches at Kenley and does not want to pass up an opportunity to make voting “real” for her students. After getting a tour, the kids come back out of the church gym giggling.

“I want to set an example and encourage these kids to register to vote when they turn 18,” she said. “I have voted every election since I’ve been 18.”

The process of voting when Diaz was 18 was much different than how Americans cast their ballots in 2012.

“There is so much more technology now,” she said. “I like it better now because there are less mistakes in the voting system.”

Diaz said voting is a right we should all exercise as U.S. citizens.

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