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Local voter finds candidates stronger than previous election

By Mark Smith
Posted on November 7, 2012 | Features | Comments Off on Local voter finds candidates stronger than previous election

Jordan Rice, 24, has voted in one election before Tuesday. He can’t recall the ballot he cast in the last presidential election while still in his hometown of Big Spring.

“I voted for an independent whose name I can’t remember four years later,” Rice said. “The Republicans didn’t have a great candidate and I didn’t believe in Obama’s politics, so there wasn’t a whole lot for me to vote for.”

Rice said though he didn’t wholly agree with any of the candidates during the last election, he still chose to vote for the candidate he agreed with most because he believes voting to be a responsibility for American citizens to have a voice in government.

“I feel like voting is not just a right; it’s an obligation,” Rice said. “We need to vote, we have to vote. You can’t sit and complain about the way the country is if you didn’t vote.”

Rice moved to Abilene a little more than a year ago to work at the Abilene State School. He arrived at the University Church of Christ around 10 a.m. to cast a ballot in an election he believed offered a choice of stronger candidates.

“Now you have a really strong Republican candidate against the incumbent, so it’s a little bit different from the last time,” he said.

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