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Pi Kappa grub finishes last

By Destiny Hagood
Posted on November 8, 2012 | News | Comments Off on Pi Kappa grub finishes last

Weeks after the other social clubs, the men of Pi Kappa were forced to postpone their grub on Nov. 1.

Pi Kappa’s grub theme  was “Childhood Heroes” and took place in the University Church of Christ’s family room.  Members came dressed as everything from SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Madea and more.

Brandon Bolden, senior psychology major from St. Louis, attended Pi Kappa’s grub for the first time.

“This was my first grub and I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was fun,” Bolden said. “We all came, relaxed and enjoyed each others company. I went as my favorite person in the world, Madea.”

Robert Hull, Pi Kappa president and junior piano performance major from Riton, Calif., said the late date worked out better for the club.

“It wasn’t how we originally planned it, but we just had to push it back to make it work and it ultimately gave us more time to make it work,” Hull said.

The men of Pi Kappa didn’t mind if the pledges had to serve the members or not.

“We were trying to find a date where the majority of us could be there and we didn’t want to have an event and then half of us not be there,” Bolden said. “A lot of members are involved with a lot of activities around ACU.”

The new late date didn’t affect the quality of the event.

“Grub was a lot of fun,” Hull said. “It’s always kind of stressful planning and everything, but it all comes together and everyone had a good time.”

The next event Pi Kappa will be sponsoring is the Turkey Throwdown, a flag football tournament that will take place the weekend before Thanksgiving, starting Nov. 15 and ending Nov. 18. For more information contact

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