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Student nearly doesn’t vote, then does

By Julie Coppedge
Posted on November 7, 2012 | Features | Comments Off on Student nearly doesn’t vote, then does

She almost didn’t vote.

Sara Bunch, second-year graduate speech pathology student from Sugarland, said she felt apathetic this election season – the third year she has been eligible to vote. Reflecting on Jesus’ last prayer for his disciples – division, plain and simple, is what nearly kept Bunch from voting.

“The mission of Christ is to be unified,” Bunch said. “I hate seeing my parents and other people so gung-ho about one candidate. Being for a certain party creates division and that isn’t what Christ stands for.”

But Bunch voted anyway.

“I voted because I see an unjust government,” she said after voting on the morning of Election Day at Hillcrest Church of Christ.

Bunch was moved to vote because of her relationship with a family that had been good stewards of their money, saving their funds throughout life. Unexpectedly, the father of the family became ill and had to be placed in a nursing home. In the nursing home, the family saw others who were irresponsible with their money getting everything paid for. For the family, the nursing home cost $3,500 a month – which eventually depleted the family’s savings.

“I’m for small government,” Bunch said. “Christians should be taking care of the orphaned, the widowed and the sick – not the government. God calls the church to that.”

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