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Voter proud to talk about election

By Gabi Powell
Posted on November 7, 2012 | Features | Comments Off

The unspoken rule of voting polls is not to discuss which way you voted.  Or at least this was the unspoken decree at Hillcrest Church of Christ on Election Day.

Suspense was tangible in the air as voters of all ages passed through the church’s Multi-Purpose Room.

After several voters declined to comment, Shayli Reed broke the ice. Reed, a second time voter and therapist at Hendrick Hospital, thinks this election is something to talk about.

“I better not be wrong this time,” she said.

Dressed in the scrubs she wore to work, Reed said this election is extremely important for young professionals. Because she is currently applying for occupational school, Reed said she is not merely “talking the talk.”

Reed did not disclose who she voted for,  instead her comments revolved around the weight America’s younger generation carries in poll participation.

“It’s time for us to pay attention,” Reed said. “It’s important we choose candidates who won’t lose focus.”

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