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Breakfast Optimist Club honors outstanding seniors

By John Martin
Posted on December 4, 2012 | News | Comments Off on Breakfast Optimist Club honors outstanding seniors

The Student Life Leadership Team chose four students to be honored at the Abilene Civic Center by the Breakfast Optimist Club on Nov. 8. The students honored were Elizabeth Chavez, Masci Sledge, Keith Carroll and Nick Tatum.

The Breakfast Optimist Club, a civic organization in Abilene, annually honors outstanding students from school’s in the surrounding area. The students honored have displayed great citizenship, character, leadership, scholastic achievement and community service.

Nick Tatum, senior family studies major from Plano, was encouraged after receiving the award.

“Since I’m a senior, this award shows me my hard work over the past four years has paid off,” Tatum said. “I feel like my involvement along with my GPA had a big part in it.”

Masci Sledge, social work major from Chickasha, Okla., said the award meant a lot to her.

“This award says hard work does not go unnoticed,” Sledge said. “I believe I received the award because during my time at ACU I have taken on leadership roles and created different events to get students involved on campus.”

The ceremony created a sense of anxiety and tension for the recipients. Many weren’t used to being honored in such a prestigious way.

“Although the ceremony was pretty awkward, I was honored to be recognized by the University,” Tatum said.

“During the ceremony I was feeling nervous because I am not fond of being recognized for work that I do,” Sledge said. “But after awhile, I began to relax because I realized the significance in being there and receiving the award. In my opinion, the award was not designed for me to be recognized by others but rather, to recognize the gifts, talents and abilities within myself that developed during my time at ACU.

Both Tatum and Sledge had advice to offer to underclassmen who wish to make a name for themselves during their time at ACU.

“Become involved as early as possible because the longer you wait the more time slips away,” Sledge said. “Getting involved early can help you discover God’s purpose for your life and it will help you develop skills that will be beneficial to you and your future.“

Tatum agreed.

“There’s always time to be involved in the things that you love to do,“ Tatum said, “If you manage your time well and aren’t afraid to take risks, you can have a big impact on campus through the organizations you are involved with. Dream big.”

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