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Coffee shop to close its doors

By Gabi Powell
Posted on December 6, 2012 | News | Comments Off on Coffee shop to close its doors

Hold on to your mugs.

Students will have one fewer on-campus source for coffee and scones as early as the beginning of next semester.

Anthony Williams, chief business services officer, said official plans have not been announced, but in fact, The Den coffee shop will close soon.

“Traffic counts have dropped significantly over the last few years,” he said. “It has lost a lot of student demand.”

As far as what will become of The Den’s space, Williams said he did not know.

“I imagine since it’s part of a hall, ResLife will repurpose it.”

Williams said The Den’s future was uncertain in October because the university is constantly evaluating and discussing the dining program. Within the past month, new discussions have led to the final decision to close the doors of this campus coffee shop.

“When we recognize a location losing student demand, we want to find how to better serve our students and reinvest those resources,” Williams said.

The Starbucks located in the Commons of the library, not lacking in student traffic, has plans of its own. In merrier news, Williams said designs are being redrawn to update this always-popular student site.

“Since the Starbucks opened in the Commons, we have not updated it and we are wanting to revamp it,” he said.

Catering to the study masses, Williams said renovations to this location could happen as early as next spring or summertime, but fixed details will be in place within the next few weeks.

Students still have time to go in for a last latte and pay their respects to the six-year coffee and study spot staple.

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