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Dead day to return for finals week

By Price Bahcall
Posted on December 4, 2012 | News | Comments Off on Dead day to return for finals week

Dead Day will be make its return on Monday after leaving campus for one semester. The World Famous Bean will also host a Midnight Breakfast with karaoke and door prizes that night.

Dead Day, the Monday before the beginning of finals, is a day set aside for studying and rest before finals begin. Administration removed the break last year, but new provost Robert Rhodes re-instituted the extra day after hearing student feedback.

“I am so happy Dead Day is back because now I can relax and not be as stressed on Sunday night because I know I can sleep in and study for one extra day to prepare for my final exams,” said Hollie Derrick, junior Ad/PR major from Monahans.

Some students are excited about the longer weekend that Dead Day brings.

“It is awesome that Dead Day is returning, I love three day weekends and it makes Monday a tolerable day of the week that I won’t mind waking up for,” said Aaron Tobias, junior kinesiology major from Plano.

Not every student will use the extra day to study for finals, however.

“When I was a freshman and we had Dead Day I remember all we did was hang out in Mabee and watch movies all day,” said Jackson Regas, junior psychology major from Sugar Land. “None of us studied but it was fun and I’m glad to see it coming back.”

Catching up on sleep is a big priority this late in the semester that many students will take advantage of.

Many students are excited about Dead Day’s return, but that isn’t how every one feels about the Monday before finals.

“I could go without having Dead Day, I wouldn’t mind getting my final exams over with quicker. Dead Day just means I have to stay in Abilene that much longer,” Austin Pretiger, junior social work major from Atlanta.

Midnight Breakfast at the World Famous Bean, however, is something everyone can enjoy. Karaoke and door prizes have been included in past Midnight Breakfasts.

Nolan Bryan, sophomore youth and family ministry major from Lubbock, said, “I love eating breakfast, I love winning door prizes, but I especially love singing karaoke.”

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