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15 professors promoted, tenured

By Mark Smith
Posted on January 24, 2013 | News | Comments Off on 15 professors promoted, tenured

The university secured a more consistent future faculty roster during the Christmas break. Dr. Robert Rhodes, provost, approved the tenure and promotion of 15 assistant professors. These faculty members will receive a continuous contract, rather than a year-to-year one, and will be promoted to associate professors, effective this fall.

Rhodes said tenure gives associate professors the security of employment at ACU as long as their positions exist.

The process leading up to tenure typically lasts six years, as an assistant professor collects and establishes a portfolio of his or her work in teaching, scholarship, research and service that meet certain criteria. Once a tenure-track faculty member reaches the requirements, committees of senior faculty members review his or her portfolio before the provost will ultimately approve the promotion.

Dr. Steven Moore, assistant professor of language and literature, said while the tenure track was chaotic, it was also enjoyable.

“The most challenging part of it was to have that excitement and joy for teaching and also devote as much time for research and scholarship,” Moore said. “I love working with students, but I had to give the same commitment to research.”

Moore said despite the great challenges the process presented, it will be worth it.

“I truly love working at this place,” he said. “When you love what you do, you try to line things up so you can be there for a long time. I’m very thankful to God and my colleagues that it’s finally over with and I can concentrate all my efforts into teaching.”

Rhodes said the number of faculty granted tenure depends entirely on the number of eligible tenure-track faculty. The high number of applicants meant for the high number of faculty who receive the promotion.

“Some years, such as this year, there will be several applicants and some there will be few,” Rhodes said. “Each faculty member is reviewed independently.”

Dr. Jonathan Camp, assistant professor of communication, was promoted to associate professor as well. Dr. Glenn Pemberton, associate professor and former chair of Bible, missions and ministry, will be promoted to professor.

Dr. Terry Baggs, assistant professor of communication and sciences disorders
Dr. Orneita Burton, assistant professor of information systems and management science
Dr. Mikee Delony, assistant professor of English
Dr. John Ehrke, assistant professor of mathematics
Dr. Tim Head, assistant professor of physics
Dr. Alan Lipps, assistant professor of social work
Dawne Swearingen-Meeks, assistant professor of biochemistry
Dr. Steven Moore, assistant professor of English
Dr. Laura Phillips, assistant professor of management sciences
Rick Piersall, assistant professor of music and opera conductor
Dr. Cynthia Powell, instructor of chemistry and adviser of the medicine profession program
Dr. Shelly Sanders, assistant professor of English
Dr. Joe Stephenson, assistant professor of English and Honor Studies
Dr. Sam Stewart, assistant professor of education
Dr. Qiang Xu, assistant professor of biology

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