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App provides classroom networking

By Josh Garcia
Posted on January 24, 2013 | News,Showcase | Comments Off on App provides classroom networking
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ACU alumnus Ryan Dunagan and his team parked an Airstream trailer on campus for the launch of their iPhone app, Stoodify. John Critz, pictured here, programmed Stoodify as a collaboration tool for students. This is his fifth startup. (Optimist photo by Adrian Patenaude)

An ACU alum stopped by campus Tuesday and Wednesday to introduce an ACU-exclusive application.

Stoodify, created and marketed by Ryan Dunagan (’08), along with John Critz and Ryan Smith, is a new app aimed at providing an academic social network experience. Students can use Stoodify to create study groups, share notes and find study partners. Dunagan, Critz and Smith offered free sunglasses and t-shirts to interested students.

Smith said Stoodify is a great alternative to Facebook for classwork.

“You download the app and because we’re already tied into the school’s server and database, it’s pre-populated with all your classes, your classmates, your courses, your documents and everything. It’s an easy way to get in touch with your classmates,” Smith said. “It’s all distilled down to this one experience.”

Dunagan and Critz have been working on Stoodify for the last two years. Dunagan said the app is exclusive to ACU, but may be expanded to other universities in the fall.

“We’ve been talking with ACU for a year or so, just iterating on feature set and making sure the legal side was taken care of as well as the data import,” Dunagan said. “ACU is the pilot school.”

Stoodify is only available on Apple devices, but Dunagan said this may change.

“Android is coming, but we don’t have a hard date set yet,” Dunagan said.

Students can try Stoodify free for 30 days. The app can then be purchased for $30 from the App Store and is charged to one’s student account.

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