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CAS dean settling in familiar post

By Katie Greene
Posted on January 17, 2013 | News | Comments Off on CAS dean settling in familiar post

The new dean of the College of Arts and Sciences is settling into his permanent role this semester.

Dr. Greg Straughn accepted the change in position from interim dean for the college, which he had been serving as for the past six months. He had also filled this same position for a year in 2010 before Dr. Charles Mattis was named dean.

Straughn has also served in many other positions on campus such as interim provost, assistant provost of general education, honors dean and a professor and chair of the music department.

The College of Arts and Sciences is made up of 15 different departments broken into four units, making it the largest college on campus. Straughn volunteered to be interim dean while also applying for the permanent position.

“We’ve got everything from the hard sciences to the fine arts and everything in between,” Straughn said. “It’s a vibrant mix.”

The college is looking forward to the stability his appointment will provide. Jeff Haseltine, associate dean for the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education and Human Services, said, “I expect continuity from what he was doing before and the types of relationships he had with the chairs and office staff.”

Making this appointment permanent will allow the college to continue building off of the work Straughn has already done during his time as interim dean.

“We’re very happy about his appointment,” Haseltine said.

Straughn plans to start this semester by looking at the long-term goals for the college. “I’m looking forward to taking some time this semester to look a little further down the road to see what will position the college best in the next 10-15 years,” Straughn said.

The College of Arts and Sciences will have a strong base for growth in the coming years under this new leadership.

“I’m happy to serve however I can for as long as people need me to do that,” Straughn said.

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