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Den closes, Starbucks renovation plans ahead

By Gabi Powell
Posted on January 24, 2013 | News | Comments Off on Den closes, Starbucks renovation plans ahead

Campus begins New Year resolutions of its own, as students bid adieu to the Den and await Starbucks upgrades.

Anthony Williams, chief business services officer, said though details are not concrete, the Brown Library Starbucks can expect to see the start of its makeover this summer.

“No dramatic updates,” Williams said. “I think we have an excellent dining program here on campus, we just want to better it. Anytime we do anything in retail, we always get input from stakeholders around campus.”

In December, Williams said renovations could happen as early as this semester, but collaborations with campus organizations, such as Student Life and ResLife, are still ongoing about what specific changes will be made.

“We want to get some more input from students– we’re sticklers about that,” he said.

This spring, meetings between Williams, staff and students will offer Dining Services a better idea where improvements can be made.

Hunter Milliner, junior accounting major from Plano, made a suggestion about what he would like to see included in the update.

“It’d be cool if they had a second register for when it gets busy,” he said.

Williams said upgrades are not exclusive to the Starbucks, though.

“We are going to be looking how we can make improvements at all campus dining locations,” he said.

Even with the promise of improvements, some students will still miss the Den coffee shop.

“It’s a shame it’s closing down, that’s where a lot of my friendships developed freshman year, more students should have taken advantage of that place,” Milliner said.

With the Den’s close, dining staff at the location were relocated to the Brown Library Starbucks.

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