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Rec Center to offer semester classes for $30

By Kirsten Holman
Posted on January 29, 2013 | News | Comments Off on Rec Center to offer semester classes for $30

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center is offering unlimited group exercise classes this semester for only $30. This is $30 less than the price last year.

This set price lets students attend any class throughout the week at any of the times scheduled. Classes include Zumba, Yoga, Circumference, Core Performance, Capoeira, Water Aerobics, Boot Camp and Cardio Kick.

Dr. Kerri Hart, assistant professor at the Student and Recreation Wellness Center (SRWC) said, “We decided that we wanted more participation because that’s our goal. Thirty dollars just seemed a whole lot more reasonable for the entire semester.”

Hart oversees the group exercise program and hopes more students will get involved at the SRWC.

“The important thing that we would like for people to know is don’t be shy,” Hart said. “No matter what level of fitness you are, our instructors that we hire can teach progression and modification. For example, when I go to yoga I need a lot of modification because of my knees. And the instructors for yoga are really good about saying, ‘If you can’t do this, try this.’ And Boot Camp is the same way. If you can’t run, walk or walk fast. Whatever level you are at, don’t feel like you can’t do a class because you aren’t that fit. I hope nobody feels that way.”

To enroll in group exercise classes students must pay at the member services desk.One hundred fifty students have enrolled in group exercise classes this semester already. Forty more students have signed up this semester than last semester.

“Every class we have people slide in so we know the numbers. And we like to keep about seven or eight students in each class,” Hart said. “We switch up the times each semester based on the instructors availability. Every semester we go back and we look at our past attendance and see hey, this hour was really good, really busy. There is a lot of information that goes into it.”

Dance instructor, Jackie Beth Shilcutt, started teaching dance as a senior in high school and then at ACU in 2009. She also spent two summers in Brazil studying Capoeira. She now teaches both Capoeira and Yoga in the SRWC.

“Capoeira is a Brazillian martial art that is practiced in community,” said Shilcutt, “Legends of Capoeira describe the journey of the African slaves to Brazil who practiced this martial art under the appearance of a dance to disguise the form and to persuade slave masters to let them continue their practice. So while there are many dance elements, capoieristas like my instructor will assert that it is a fight.”

Shilcutt also reminds students that beginners are welcome. Yoga and Capoeira contain modifications to challenge students on all different levels.

“I’m hoping that the social aspect is met along with the physical aspect,” said Hart. “My goal for this facility is to get people in here who haven’t been in here yet their whole college career. People need to realize that it doesn’t have to be some intense workout every time. Just come in and do the rower. Or just come in and take a funny Zumba class and laugh.”

To look up group exercise class times, visit the ACU website under the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

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