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Staff turnover no match for the ‘Optimist’

By Mark Smith
Posted on January 15, 2013 | Columns,Opinion | Comments Off on Staff turnover no match for the ‘Optimist’

I am not a dictator.

I’m just taking over even more of the Optimist.  We’ve had a lot of turnover.

David Singer, our opinion page editor last semester, quit, making some lame excuses about how he’s an “art major” and wants to do more “freelance design work” and focus on “getting a job after graduation.” Good riddance.

I’m kidding, of course. I’m grateful for the work David put in last semester, but his departure left us without many options. Only I had served on the board for more than a semester.

So I’m not just the editor in chief, but the opinion page editor as well. Because I wasn’t busy enough.

Marissa Jones, for reasons beyond my understanding, chose to study abroad this semester in the country the United States fought against in the Revolutionary War. Rather than remain in her hometown and Optimist position of managing editor, she’ll go have fun with the redcoats. Benedict Arnold.

But we haven’t heard the last of her yet. Marissa will continue to write columns as our “Oxford correspondent” and keep us more regularly updated with her study abroad blog. Her replacement, Josh Garcia, will also be writing for the opinion page this semester.

Melany Cox and Lindsay Palmer are our only other returning editorial board members.

Sam Sutherland, our features editor for a year and a half, graduated last month. Congratulations, Sam, on being super smart. Gabi Powell will succeed her staff position and place on the editorial board.

Blane Singletary, our KACU liaison and music mash-up genius, also graduated. Nobody can replace Blane. But Lucius Patenaude, our chief videographer, will be able to bring a good perspective from his semester in film school in Los Angeles and his entire life in Thailand.

That’s just our editorial board turnover. The Optimist also lost and replaced eight other staff members.

Meet the all-new editorial board below, and look forward to hearing from them throughout the semester, and our guest columnists.

Again,  I  am not a dictator. But I am going to make everyone start calling me “Chief.”

The Spring 2013 Editorial Board:

Mark Smith

Lucius Patenaude

Gabi Powell

Joshua Garcia

Lindsay Palmer

Melany Cox

Marissa Jones

Evan Marks

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