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‘Cats get a new fur coat with Adidas

By Matthew Sloan
Posted on February 21, 2013 | Sports | Comments Off on ‘Cats get a new fur coat with Adidas

The ACU Athletic Department continued their makeover by adding a new brand to their new logo.

Earlier this week that Athletic Department announced that they have reached a three-year deal with Adidas, who will sponsor all of the ACU athletic teams.

“Adidas came to us with a package that is going to allow us and our coaches to maximize their resources,” Director of Athletics Jared Mosley said. “The fact that we are going to be head to toe and all of our coaching and sideline apparel is gong to match what we are wearing on the field allows us to do things in ways that the other vendors couldn’t provide.”

The Wildcats have never had a department wide apparel provider before. But with the move to Division I on the horizon, the department had the perfect opportunity to build their brand by partnering with Adidas.

“I think it is really exciting to bring all of our sports under one apparel provider,” Mosley said. “It gives us a better opportunity to brand our program. With the new logo and the move into the Southland Conference and Division I, it was a good opportunity to maximize our situation.”

By connecting all of the ACU teams with one brand, Mosley hopes to add a sense of unity and professionalism to the program as they make the jump to Division I athletics.

“When you look at Adidas, they have some pretty big name clients,” Mosley said. “Hopefully we can provide a mutually beneficial relationship that not only pushes our market and our brand but also provides some value to Adidas as they try to expand their presence in the college market.”

Some ACU teams have become synonymous with brands in the past, including the ACU tennis team. Both the men’s and women’s team have represented Adidas for years so the transition will be smooth for them.

“It comes down to a company a regional person that is going to take care of you when you need this or that,” head tennis coach Hutton Jones said. “I felt like the Adidas guy that I have known for a while was really good. We have preferred Adidas here for a long time, so maybe this will be the start of a tradition.”

The deal will also have financial ramifications for ACU that will provide them with some long-term stability with their apparel.

“Typically these deals include an outline as far as the price points on certain products,” Mosley said. “That will allow you to go out and budget and know the price points.”

“On the marketing side, Adidas will provide us some incentives when we go out and host tournaments where we can utilize them for polo shirts and things like that so we can market them in a positive way. It is not just apparel it is truly a marketing agreement to help us leverage each others’ success and visibility.”

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