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Financial help saves Drive-In

By Margo Herrera
Posted on February 7, 2013 | News | Comments Off on Financial help saves Drive-In

Have no fear, the Drive-In is still here.

The Town & Country Drive-In had indeed been in danger of closing permanently due to slow business, but because of multiple fundraisers, a loan, digital format coming into play and new equipment, the drive-in is here and opening new doors.

Along with the upgrades, gaming, Monday night football and similar activities are possible.

“If money is able to be made, we aren’t going to stop,” said Ray Andress, one of the owners of the Town & Country Drive-In.

The drive-in has been pretty quiet during this time and will continue to be like that until March. Right now, all the movies being shown are rated R.

“This is the season of the R,” said Andress.

Right now the drive-in is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays but when the weather is nicer, it will open up on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The busiest time is during the summer and the crowd varies depending on the movies being shown. Many family type movies come out during the summertime and holidays so that is when the most money is made.

Andress wants to provide more to get more. One idea he is very excited about is Monday night football. He wants to open the doors and have admission be free. What will have to change is outdoor food charge.

“We are having to fight with outside food being brought it and therefore, we want to start charging for a cooler-charge,” said Andress.

Many drive-in theaters don’t allow outdoor food, but he doesn’t want to take that away.

“It all comes down to people’s understanding,” said Andress.

Looking at the up and coming technology, Andress wants to have a new type of sound system that no other drive-ins have. When people come in, they will be able to select between four different radio frequencies. Andress will give them a brochure that includes information and pictures of the different radio frequencies so customers will know what to choose.

“I’ve been hearing all about new things coming to the Drive-In and I love the sound of them. I’ve been going to the Drive-In since I was a little girl and don’t ever want to see it go,” said Kate Bacon, sophomore family studies major from Abilene.

The Drive-In was built in 1956. Andress and his co-owner, Glenda Thornton bought the drive-in in 2000. There are two screens and the car capacity is 1450. The drive-in is located on 2902 Vogel St.

Thornton deals with the property and building aspect and Andress deals with the equipment and knowledge of the movie business. Andress loves showing movies on a big screen outdoors.

“Some kids have never been exposed to something like this so I want to give them a chance to experience this,” Andress said.

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