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Students gearing up for film contest

By Linsey Thut
Posted on February 21, 2013 | News | Comments Off on Students gearing up for film contest

Lights, camera, action! Students are working diligently on finishing films for ACU’s FilmFest 2013, many taking advantage of the lengthened production process in this year’s competition.

Students participating in the ninth annual FilmFest had a chance to begin working on films in the fall and turn in a rough draft of their movie before Christmas break for critiquing.  The films were returned back to them after Sing Song with suggestions from reviewers so they could fine-tune their work before turning in final products on March 19.

“We’re going to have a lot more time editing,” said Cannon Spears, junior vocational missions major from Blue Ridge and co-chair of FilmFest.  “Last year for FilmFest you had about a week for editing.  This year we are doing about three weeks for editing.”

Participants are receiving more time to perfect their movies. They are also learning more about the movie making process through classes and workshops presented by FilmFest.

“We’re working close with participants, and the Learning Studio is too.  We’re offering a lot of classes, just different kinds of workshops to help the process along and make this the best FilmFest year,” said Spears.

The co-chairs are hoping more time spent on production results in more imaginative finished products.

“When you have longer to do it, you have more time for creativity, more time to stretch your imagination, find better avenues to do certain things,” said Stephen Estrada, sophomore business management major from San Antonio and co-chair of FilmFest.  “When you’re on a time crunch of five weeks, like before, you have to be a little more compacted.”

The judges will come from all over the media world, giving students a chance to mingle with some of the industry’s best.  Judge Randy Brewer, an ACU alumnus, is the owner of Revolution Pictures located in both Nashville and Los Angeles.  His company has produced music videos for artists such as Carrie Underwood and Tim McGraw.  Chris Young, another judge, is a screenwriter and professor at UCLA.  Matt Maxwell, the founder of FilmFest will also be a judge.

Tom Craig, director of Student Activities, said participating in FilmFest is great way for people interested in visual arts to network.

“It opens you up to people in the industry which is a rare opportunity for people at the undergraduate level. You have the opportunity to sit down and talk with them not just about your film or work, but about opportunities in the industry,” said Craig. “It’s a great springboard not just for information, but for contacts.”

The six movies that receive the most awards will be shown at a red carpet gala event at the Paramount Theater on March 22.

Side bar:

Awards will be granted for:

  • Best Producer
  • Best Director
  • Best Writer
  • Best Technical Director
  • Best Production Designer
  • Best Sound Designer
  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Best Original Music Composition (student bands will play the nominated songs between movie showings at the gala event)
  • Best Picture
  • People’s Choice
  • Best Category
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