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ZP pledges get in, Pi Kappa still waiting

By Katie Greene
Posted on February 21, 2013 | News | Comments Off

Zeta Rho has nine new members as of Wednesday night. The girls’ club brought their pledges into their sisterhood after two and a half weeks of pledging.

New and old members celebrated the growth of their sisterhood through reminiscing about pledging.

“After we got in we took a ton of pictures, ate cupcakes and laughed with one another about our favorite pledging moments,” said Jordan Dockery, sophomore nursing major from San Antonio.

LJ Hood, junior youth and family and psychology major from Franklin, Tenn. and pledge mom for Zeta Rho, said “I’m excited to see how they will bless their sisters and community with their unique and awesome talents when those combine with the talents of our members.”

Dockery is looking forward to the mentoring that the other women in Zeta Rho can provide.

“I’m excited to have someone pour into me and then I get to pour into people who come into Zeta Rho later,” Dockery said.

Spring and fall pledging have allowed Zeta Rho to add to their number year round.

“We feel like we are capable of having the same impact and intentionality in the spring as in the fall, and we’re thankful for that,” Hood said.

Two men’s clubs, Pi Kappa and Frater Sodalis, also participated in spring pledging. Nine Pi Kappa pledges are still waiting to get into the club and anticipate that to be soon. Frats only had one spring pledge, Josh Walters, who got into club after about a week and a half of pledging.

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