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It’s time to add another acronym to our vocabulary

By Lucius Patenaude
Posted on April 30, 2013 | Columns,Opinion | 1 comment

We all know those people. That guy who openly digs for gold up a nostril then examines his find. Your roommate who never washes the dishes. The fellow student that corrects every statement verbalized in class. They require a more than average effort for us to deal with. These are extra grace required (EGR) individuals.

That guy with the booger on his fingertip totally deserves to be tackled to the ground for his crime. It would be nice to smash a few of your roommate’s dirty plates over his/her head. But we don’t do that. It’s just not ladylike. Also, our culture and a book called the Bible doesn’t exactly encourage these types of interactions. Regardless of who you are or how mature one is there will always be that someone who will have you searching for body disposal locations on Google.

EGR individuals don’t make our lives very easy, but neither is it their purpose in life to torment us. On many occasions, they are oblivious of the grief they cause. So what is the solution? Ignore reality? No! What are you, a masochist? Treat the bane of your life with the respect they deserve and just tell them the truth. “That thing you do, it bugs me. Sorry for being petty.” Otherwise emotions will only fester and one day erupt in an awful display of furious vengeance.

Honestly, people usually appreciate when others are real with them and gently present their concerns. Deeper respect and camaraderie can be the fruit of a conversation like this. And you could also get over your picky self and chill out a little.

During end of semester crunch time though, we should seriously consider applying EGR to ourselves. Papers, projects and procrastination is piling up. Professors have become demons (EGR). We need to remember that we require grace as well. Does this give us license to be jerks? Nope. But it does give us license to pray and lean on our friends and family for encouragement.

Embrace EGR and punch these final weeks in the face… figuratively.

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1 Response for “It’s time to add another acronym to our vocabulary”

  1. avatar lfk02a says:

    Thank you for your insightful and encouraging perspective! I anticipate using “EGR” the rest of my life, and have already shared the acronym with my family and friends. It’s like a breath of fresh air to remember I can both give and receive extra grace – because of the limitless grace extended to me by Jesus. You expressed your thoughts memorably well.

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