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The ebb and flow of time in Wildcat Nation

By Optimist Editorial Board
Posted on May 2, 2013 | Editorials,Opinion | Comments Off on The ebb and flow of time in Wildcat Nation

Life is all about change. The familiar is comfortable though, like a warm blanket keeping the cold uncertainty of life at bay. Yet change is one of humanity’s most important characteristics. The ability to reinvent one’s self, the opportunity to strike out and do something completely new is the most formative force in life. Change, good and bad, should be embraced because soon it will be time to move onto something new. Accept the challenge; continually aspire higher.

As this academic year draws to a close, the ACU community faces change: new leadership, policies, students, etc. The Optimist editorial board has taken the opportunity to forecast potential changes that may occur at ACU. And some things that may remain the same.

Within one year:
University Park Apartments will experience a case of arson.
The cat population will triple on campus.
Chambers will be demolished and replaced.

Within five years:
ACU will erect its new football stadium.
Campus policy on alcohol will be changed to allow consumption at sporting events.
CORE will be dead.
ACU will finally have a men’s soccer team.
Sub-T will win Sing Song on a bet, again.

Within 10 years:
Annie is still serving omelets at the Bean. Here you go, baby.
The Optimist will go all digital and drop the print product.
Attempted switch from BlackBoard. Attempt failed.

Within 20 years:
ACU will have its first female president.
Chapel still lives.

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