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Abilene attractions offer host of opportunities

By Alikay Wood
Posted on August 29, 2013 | Arts & Culture | Comments Off on Abilene attractions offer host of opportunities
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Downtown Abilene at sunset (Optimist photo by Leslie Lewis)


The Paramount is one of Abilene's most iconic locations. (Optimist photo by Leslie Lewis)

Constructed in 1930, the Paramount is one of Abilene’s most iconic structures. It is known for its beautiful interior, the classic films it plays and retro atmosphere. This Saturday, August 31, the Paramount is hosting a Grease sing-a-long fundraiser at 7 p.m. Tickets start at $15 and include a goody bag. There will also be a costume and dance contest.

McKays Bakery

McKay’s is the bakery to go to in Abilene. Besides catering for large parties and weddings, McKay’s serves breakfast, lunch and of course, dessert. They have a space that can accommodate large groups and serve everything from cookies to pies.


Bogey’s is one of Abilene’s hidden gems.  Themed around famous actor Humphrey Bogart, each sandwich is titled after one of his movies. Decorated with pictures of classic film stars, Bogey’s is one of the most unique restaurants in Abilene. The sandwiches and salads are delicious but there are no fries and they are not open on weekends.

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