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Chapel credits benefit sports community

By Optimist Editorial Board
Posted on September 17, 2013 | Editorials,Opinion | 1 comment

When the ACU volleyball team took on Texas Tech Tuesday night, the atmosphere was incredible. To recreate that moment, ACU should offer Chapel credits for sporting events.

Tuesday’s victory was a historic night for ACU because the Wildcats took down a talented Div. I team in its first home match of the new era. With more than 1,300 fans in attendance, the women on the volleyball team were helped in a tangible way.

Two weeks ago, ACU dropped all three sets on the road to the Red Raiders. One week later in front of the ACU community, the Wildcats won the match three sets to one.

From the moment we step onto the campus for the first time as a prospective student to the time we leave, alumni tell us they miss the community aspect of Chapel more than anything else in the entire ACU experience. That is quite a statement.

Sporting events bring a similar community aspect to the table. A bunch of believers coming together to support each other and strive toward a common goal: That sounds like community.

The book of Acts talks about how the early church did everything together, and the fellowship brought them closer to God.  Sports are another avenue for the ACU community to fellowship and support each other.

Treat sporting events like a Chapel forum. Some Chapel forums are not always related to spirituality, and an ACU sport does bring a community aspect that few other things on the entire campus accomplish.

Of course, the Chapel office would need to set ground rules. One suggestion could be putting a cap on the number of sports Chapel credits a student can earn. Hopefully  people will become invested and continue to come to games even when they are not earning Chapel credits anymore.

The ACU administration should take the idea and run with it. Have players stand up in Chapel and talk about their spiritual growth on and off the field. Get coaches to pray before games in front of thousands of ACU fans. Bring back former ACU athletes and have them speak at halftime or at pep rallies.

One of the things that separates ACU from other universities is the tight-knit community that is nearly non-existent at larger schools.  ACU athletics and the Chapel office could put their heads together and find a way to make sporting events the hottest thing on campus, and dish out a few Chapel credits along the way.

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1 Response for “Chapel credits benefit sports community”

  1. avatar wardly says:

    This is certainly an intriguing idea. I would suggest that an even better place to start would be for chapel credit to be given for the numerous concerts and recitals given by the Music Department, plays and productions given by the Theater Department, and art showings and other events given by the Art Department. These events often have an intrinsic focus on aspects of the spirit expressed through art, music, and drama, and embrace concepts of community, fellowship, and worship in unique and powerful ways. Your student colleagues that work so tirelessly in these creative endeavors would benefit as much or more than our athletes from increased attendance and support.

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