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Brown crowned second King of Campus

By Rachel Fritz
Posted on October 22, 2013 | News,Showcase | Comments Off on Brown crowned second King of Campus
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Alex Brown, senior accounting major from Garland, is crowned King of Campus Court. (Optimist photo by Deanna Romero)

Alexander Brown, senior accounting major from Garland, was crowned second King of Campus Court during Friday’s Chapel.

“I feel honored,” Brown said. “I couldn’t have gotten here without my friends and people I know supporting me.”

Brown said the experience was surreal and came as a surprise to him.

“For some reason, I couldn’t hear the person on stage who was announcing everything very well, so when he said, ‘Alex Brown you are the second King of Campus Court,’ I thought he said that I had won second place,” Brown said. “Then someone told me ‘Alex, you won.’”

Brown said the moment was like a scene from a movie.

The King of Campus Court is nominated by students and represents a spirited leader on campus. And while they do not have any official duties except to ring the bell after chapel, it is still regarded as an honor and as the men’s equivalent of Homecoming Queen.

“The King of Campus Court is a guy that has enough school spirit and is the most adamant about ACU,” Brown said. “If you were to cut them, their blood would be purple and white.”

As the new King of Campus Court, Brown is humble and thankful to receive the title.

“I just want to thank everyone who kept me in their minds and voted for me,” Brown said. “It was a team effort; when I think of a king, I don’t think ‘I did it myself,’ I think ‘the people did it.’”

Prentis McCarty was crowned the first King of Campus Court and handed down the crown to his successor during Chapel.

The tradition of King of Campus Court was started last year when Zack Morgan, biology major who graduated last year, presented the idea to the Students’ Association.

“I think it’s a fun way for guys not to feel uninvolved during Homecoming,” said Marissa Ferguson, senior family studies major from Dallas. “It’s a fun spin on Homecoming.”

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