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The North Face shoes at


‘Interstellar’ invokes imagination

“In space, no one can hear you scream.”
This memorably chilling tagline accompanied 1979’s Alien, whose two-minute trailer is hailed as one of the best ever made.
Unlike blockbusters today, the movie didn’t rely on massive explosions or breathtaking spectacles to get its point across. It was the mystery of the alien monster that drew people in [...]

Taylor Swift, all out of teardrops

Shedding her country twang, Taylor Swift gravitated toward the appeal of pop in her fifth studio album, 1989.
After the catchy tune Shake It Off was released last month and spread virally on the Internet, Swift’s latest work finally hit the shelves, and iTunes, Monday.
Similar to Shake It Off, songs like Welcome to New York offer a [...]

To bean or not to bean? That is the question

Do students prefer to eat three meals a day in the Bean, prefer to gravitate around to one of the other several eating options on campus or prefer to avoid campus meal plans altogether in favor of self-service options?
There are students sitting in all three camps, and there are probably several who don’t have strong [...]

“Big Fish” makes a big splash as Homecoming musical

As the first college to perform former Broadway musical Big Fish, the Department of Theatre shares the story as this year’s Homecoming musical.
Big Fish has been a book, a movie with a star-studded cast and a Broadway musical, and now, ACU presents its first collegiate premiere.
The two leads, Tyler Hazard, senior musical theatre major from [...]

Seemingly simple music streaming

With music streaming becoming a popular way to listen to old and new releases, deliberation comes from what medium is best for the ultimate music experience.
Four major streaming sites that compete for business are Rdio, Pandora, 8tracks and Spotify. These sites are the most used, each with their own individual benefit and overlap.
The sites are [...]

Album review, ‘In The Lonely Hour’ by Sam Smith

In recording artist Sam Smith’s most recent album, blues, R&B and soul meet demanding vocals and create the sound that is In the Lonely Hour. In his second record, the UK artist came back with an impressive 10-track album.
The album, released in the United States on June 17, features heart-wrenching ballads, fast-paced jams and tracks laced [...]

Album review, ‘Coexist’ by The xx

The English indie-pop trio that makes up The xx is notorious for their smooth sound, subtle instruments and hushed vocals.
Much like their first self-titled album, Coexist takes the two singers’ (Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim) unique duet dynamic and creates the symphonic and harmonious result that is the 11-track album.
The album begins with the [...]

Reflections on art and Summit

Art can be a praiseworthy thing.
By art, we create experiences and forge common identities with others. We share stories and build visions. People express love through their work. Humans give glory to God when they honor him with the fruits of their labors.
There should always be adornments and songs in the House of God, because [...]

Exhibits, musicals, performances, oh my!

From the Department of Theatre, students and faculty can look forward to the annual Homecoming musical. This year, it will perform the former broadway show and Hollywood film Big Fish. The performance will be the first premiere on a college campus since it was performed on Broadway. Big Fish follows the story of a young [...]

Local bands create music venue

The 22 opened to provide a place for locals and all bands to play in. Unlike most venues that are owned by one person, The 22 is a community-run facility.
“The story behind The 22 is that it’s a bunch of guys who love music and who want to see it change the way people live,” [...]

Leading ladies of Omega

Omega Dance Company looks forward to a new year as they welcome new dancers, practice new routines and set their sights on a better season.
This year, the group will be lead by Melissa Meyer, junior business major from Lubbock, Heather Johnston, junior kinesiology major from Houston, and Lauren Lundblade, senior speech pathology major from Southlake.
“I’m [...]

Internet age leads to birth of electronica

Column by Richard Lyne
Rock, country, rap and pop. For most of us, it feels like these genres have been around forever, but they’re all actually fairly recent innovations in music. All of them originated with black slaves.
Displaced from their tribal homelands, these people kept the spirit of their lifestyle alive with rousing songs that touched [...]