Fort Worth Opera puts on annual festival

When most students think of opera they likely conjure images of a phantom in a mask or of a large woman wearing a horned helmet while belting out songs at decibel levels too high for the human ear to hear. These stereotypes, while not undeserved, often prevent students from experiencing the artistic magnificence of the [...]

Hitting a high note: ACU opera performs free show

The ACU Opera team hopes to introduce ACU students to the genre with “Susannah,” an Apocryphal story, this week.
Jarrett Ward, senior vocal performance major from Houston and member of the marketing team for “Susannah”, said students should have more appreciation for opera music.
“The music of opera makes you think, and often makes the listener experience [...]

Switchfoot’s ‘Fading West’ tour comes to Abilene

The Grammy Award-winning band Switchfoot will perform in concert at 7 p.m. Friday night at the Abilene Civic Center. The band is in the midst of several projects.
Switchfoot was scheduled to perform in November of last year but had to reschedule because of weather complications.
“We were really looking forward to [performing in Abilene] and were [...]

Dancing queens: Omega seeks to fuse dance and faith

Omega Dance Company was founded in the 2010-2011 school year to fuse the art of dance and worship.
“The mission of Omega is to educate girls about dance and how it can be used as a form of worship to God,” said Lizzie Folwell, junior marketing and management major from Abilene and member of Omega since [...]

The truth about Taco Bell’s new breakfast menu

Taco Bell officially released its new breakfast menu last week after several years of testing. After noticing the success of competitors with breakfast menus, Taco Bell began experimenting with one of its own and found success with several unique items.
Taco Bell is known for its cheap, filling take on Mexican food. They have built a [...]

Beauty and the blog: Student writes for 99dresses fashion blog

The questionable attire of female students at ACU (the morality of wearing leggings as pants is a hotly debated topic on campus) has never been an issue for Lexi French, a junior English major from Palestine. French is passionate about fashion and blogs for 99dresses, an up-and-coming fashion app.
French first experimented with fashion in high [...]

FilmFest delights with original productions

ACU’s 10th annual FilmFest held its gala last Friday evening. The event showcased excellence in film among current students.
Lucius Patenaude’s Best Picture-winning film, For Always, is a delight to watch. The characters come to life in the short 10 minutes allotted to the piece and allow actors Matthew Silar, Rachel Faulkner and Jon Tlapek to [...]

The art of Abilene: Museums are alive and well

Every month, downtown Abilene offers an ArtWalk to celebrate culture and the arts. It is an opportunity to experience the cultural heritage of Abilene and also to discover that our city has a surprisingly large art selection. There are several museums across town and numerous opportunities to get involved in through events and classes.
The Grace [...]

Theatre to prepare show in 24 hours for charity

The ACU theatre department will rehearse and perform a full-length musical within a 24-hour period this weekend as a charitable fundraiser.
Rehearsals for the show, of which the title will remain a secret until Saturday, will begin on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. and the show will be performed on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. Admission is free [...]

Mexican standoff: A guide to Mexican cuisine in Abilene

One of the best parts about Texas cuisine is the availability of a wide variety of Mexican food. Whether it’s cheap, American or authentic, Abilene has something to offer for Mexican food lovers of all kinds. However, this variety can be overwhelming and make it difficult to find the exact type of Mexican food you’re [...]

Lea Michele’s ‘Louder’ fails to make noise

Glee’s signature diva Lea Michele released her first solo album, “Louder”, this week marking the beginning of her attempt to transfer from the Broadway and TV worlds into a career as a solo artist. Michele grew up on Broadway and is known for her effortless high notes and emotional performances. “Louder” attempts to balance this [...]

Student teams shine in studio premiere

The ACU Theatre opened “100 Saints You Should Know” in Culp Theatre on Thursday night. The show, classified as a “studio premiere,” serves as a platform for students to direct and design a mainstage production.
The theatre returns to gritty subject matter, a theme for the current season, after the light-hearted production of “Is He Dead?” [...]