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The North Face shoes at


Local bands create music venue

The 22 opened to provide a place for locals and all bands to play in. Unlike most venues that are owned by one person, The 22 is a community-run facility.
“The story behind The 22 is that it’s a bunch of guys who love music and who want to see it change the way people live,” [...]

Leading ladies of Omega

Omega Dance Company looks forward to a new year as they welcome new dancers, practice new routines and set their sights on a better season.
This year, the group will be lead by Melissa Meyer, junior business major from Lubbock, Heather Johnston, junior kinesiology major from Houston, and Lauren Lundblade, senior speech pathology major from Southlake.
“I’m [...]

Internet age leads to birth of electronica

Column by Richard Lyne
Rock, country, rap and pop. For most of us, it feels like these genres have been around forever, but they’re all actually fairly recent innovations in music. All of them originated with black slaves.
Displaced from their tribal homelands, these people kept the spirit of their lifestyle alive with rousing songs that touched [...]

ArtWalk a Downtown Tradition

Local artists, jewelry makers and performers gather together every other Thursday on Cypress Street in Downtown Abilene to support the arts, and the event is entirely free.
The Center for Contemporary Arts presents the festival with support from The Grace Museum, the Cockerell Galleries and Studios, the Historic Paramount Theatre and other local businesses.
Last year, Lily [...]

Shore Gallery features Sadler’s ‘Until Now’

The lifelong work of Ginna Sadler, professor of art, is shown at Shore Art Gallery, featuring jewelry, paintings, drawings and mixed media.
“The pieces start at my time at University of Texas, undergrad,” Sadler said. “I majored in art education, and so art education is one of those things where you try everything so that you [...]

Emergent art embraces freedom

The advent of the Internet as a miraculous way of sharing open-source materials and content has paved the way for unprecedented innovation in our society. Now, more than ever, information and ideas are able to travel at the speed of light. This has allowed for everything from piracy to Kickstarter to find a place in [...]

Portland homeless community defies traditional expectations

It was the doors. I first saw them when I went to Chinatown. Drawn toward the entrance, an entrance that begged for questions. ?With the adjoining fence made of hand-painted doors connected in a line.? I bought the traveller some food, and with that, I walked across the street towards the ornately carved red entryway [...]

Homecoming musical “Big Fish” is first collegiate premier

This year’s homecoming musical is not only special because of its talented cast, but because it will be the first ever collegiate premier of the former Broadway show Big Fish.
With their connection with alumni from set designing, and performance, as well as first hand viewing from the Broadway show; the department is creating a brand [...]

Fort Worth Opera puts on annual festival

When most students think of opera they likely conjure images of a phantom in a mask or of a large woman wearing a horned helmet while belting out songs at decibel levels too high for the human ear to hear. These stereotypes, while not undeserved, often prevent students from experiencing the artistic magnificence of the [...]

Hitting a high note: ACU opera performs free show

The ACU Opera team hopes to introduce ACU students to the genre with “Susannah,” an Apocryphal story, this week.
Jarrett Ward, senior vocal performance major from Houston and member of the marketing team for “Susannah”, said students should have more appreciation for opera music.
“The music of opera makes you think, and often makes the listener experience [...]

Switchfoot’s ‘Fading West’ tour comes to Abilene

The Grammy Award-winning band Switchfoot will perform in concert at 7 p.m. Friday night at the Abilene Civic Center. The band is in the midst of several projects.
Switchfoot was scheduled to perform in November of last year but had to reschedule because of weather complications.
“We were really looking forward to [performing in Abilene] and were [...]

Dancing queens: Omega seeks to fuse dance and faith

Omega Dance Company was founded in the 2010-2011 school year to fuse the art of dance and worship.
“The mission of Omega is to educate girls about dance and how it can be used as a form of worship to God,” said Lizzie Folwell, junior marketing and management major from Abilene and member of Omega since [...]