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The North Face shoes at


Zamperini triumphs in ‘Unbroken’

The recent film American Sniper has sparked a national discussion of what it means for war veterans to receive hero worship as opposed to genuine human depiction. But while the debate continues about how we view our soldiers, we might risk overlooking the more personal struggles they face in the darkest parts of service. Angelina […]

Into The Woods satirizes its own genre

Into The Woods is a Broadway musical turned film that was released at the box office on Christmas Day. It made $36 million during its opening weekend and has been nominated for three Academy Awards. With an all-star cast featuring Meryl Streep, Chris Pine and Anna Kendrick, many moviegoers were drawn to the film by the actors alone. […]

Golden Globes kick off awards season

“Good evening and welcome, you bunch of despicable, spoiled, minimally talented brats,” said Tiny Fey. Notorious comedian duo Amy Poehler and Tina Fey hosted the Golden Globes for the third time in 2015, pulling in a political shtick throughout the night. As per usual, the duo did not present the awards. Instead, stars like Jennifer Lopez, […]

Review: Von Trier tackles depression

Depression is, as a rule, not something that Hollywood does a terribly accurate job of portraying. We’ve all seen those short-term, almost manic bursts of weeping as the afflicted character huddles beneath a mountain of blankets. Sometimes, self-inflicted pain and suicide even enter the picture. But depression is more than simply an overpowering sadness, and […]

8th annual Vespers to feature ‘Gloria’

The Department of Music plans to present its 8th annual holiday tradition Christmas Vespers, during which 150 students will perform at First Baptist Church at 7:30 p.m. Friday. The Acappella Chorus, University Chorale, Orchestra and more will present “Gloria” as a public worship service to the Abilene Community with time set aside for prayer, liturgy […]

Sam Riggs and the Night People in Abilene

Sam Riggs and the Night People will perform Saturday at The Silo as part of their Texas tour. Riggs and his band have been touring since the release of their record Outrun the Sun, their first full album. Door will open at 7 p.m. and the band is set to play at 8 p.m. With a […]

‘Interstellar’ invokes imagination

“In space, no one can hear you scream.” This memorably chilling tagline accompanied 1979’s Alien, whose two-minute trailer is hailed as one of the best ever made. Unlike blockbusters today, the movie didn’t rely on massive explosions or breathtaking spectacles to get its point across. It was the mystery of the alien monster that drew […]

Taylor Swift, all out of teardrops

Shedding her country twang, Taylor Swift gravitated toward the appeal of pop in her fifth studio album, 1989. After the catchy tune Shake It Off was released last month and spread virally on the Internet, Swift’s latest work finally hit the shelves, and iTunes, Monday. Similar to Shake It Off, songs like Welcome to New York […]

To bean or not to bean? That is the question

Do students prefer to eat three meals a day in the Bean, prefer to gravitate around to one of the other several eating options on campus or prefer to avoid campus meal plans altogether in favor of self-service options? There are students sitting in all three camps, and there are probably several who don’t have […]

“Big Fish” makes a big splash as Homecoming musical

As the first college to perform former Broadway musical Big Fish, the Department of Theatre shares the story as this year’s Homecoming musical. Big Fish has been a book, a movie with a star-studded cast and a Broadway musical, and now, ACU presents its first collegiate premiere. The two leads, Tyler Hazard, senior musical theatre […]

Seemingly simple music streaming

With music streaming becoming a popular way to listen to old and new releases, deliberation comes from what medium is best for the ultimate music experience. Four major streaming sites that compete for business are Rdio, Pandora, 8tracks and Spotify. These sites are the most used, each with their own individual benefit and overlap. The […]

Album review, ‘In The Lonely Hour’ by Sam Smith

In recording artist Sam Smith’s most recent album, blues, R&B and soul meet demanding vocals and create the sound that is In the Lonely Hour. In his second record, the UK artist came back with an impressive 10-track album. The album, released in the United States on June 17, features heart-wrenching ballads, fast-paced jams and tracks […]