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The North Face shoes at

Local bands create music venue

The 22 opened to provide a place for locals and all bands to play in. Unlike most venues that are owned by one person, The 22 is a community-run facility.
“The story behind The 22 is that it’s a bunch of guys who love music and who want to see it change the way people live,” [...]

Internet age leads to birth of electronica

Column by Richard Lyne
Rock, country, rap and pop. For most of us, it feels like these genres have been around forever, but they’re all actually fairly recent innovations in music. All of them originated with black slaves.
Displaced from their tribal homelands, these people kept the spirit of their lifestyle alive with rousing songs that touched [...]

Emergent art embraces freedom

The advent of the Internet as a miraculous way of sharing open-source materials and content has paved the way for unprecedented innovation in our society. Now, more than ever, information and ideas are able to travel at the speed of light. This has allowed for everything from piracy to Kickstarter to find a place in [...]

Optimist first college newspaper on the iPad

With the April 3 release of Apple’s iPad, a flurry of new apps are being developed as companies rush to offer their services on the new device. In particular, the newspaper industry has found a new platform for reaching readers. ACU’s student news publication, the Optimist, emerged as the first college newspaper in the country [...]