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First exchange student in Japan returns

Though born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Ann Rachel Katagiri was mostly a stranger to the United States until the age of 14. At 6 months old, she moved to Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, near Tokyo. She had family in Texas, her mother’s home, whom she visited every two years. But it wouldn’t prepare her for her unexpected move […]

Singular Success: Tournament wins propel Reed to conference honor

Brittney Reed, the lone and leading senior for the women’s tennis team, was selected as the Southland Conference’s Women’s Tennis Player of the Week. Reed is the second Wildcat to win the award in three weeks after her total 4-0 victories in singles and doubles after matches against Prairie View A&M University and Trinity University. […]

The Final Act: George writes one last Sing Song arrangement

On Saturday night, Lydia Miranda will stand side by side with her Alpha Kai Omega sisters ready to take the Sing Song stage one last time. The girls will anxiously chatter as they prepare to take their place and perform the act they all know by heart. They will anticipate the moment the curtain rises, but no […]

Going the Distance: García Muñoz steps up for cross country

Diana García Muñoz stepped up her performance this season after experiencing defeat for the first time. Muñoz was competing in the 3,000-meter race at the Red Raider Invitational in Lubbock when she performed below expectations. “Watching one girl pass by after another was horrible,” Muñoz said. “I had never had so many girls pass me […]

Tagen it to the Field: Baseball helps one man get closer to his dreams

When Tagen Reeves was 5 years old, he exhibited all the mannerisms of a professional baseball player. With a father who coached baseball, he took the game seriously. In his first career at bat in T-ball, he put one foot in the batter’s box and looked at the third-base coach who was cheering him on. Tagen just shook his […]

Out on the Range: Frontier Day at Abilene State Park

The line of cars inches forward, allowing a slow trickle of visitors past the sandstone brick office. Eager families in minivans and sedans and outdoorsmen in powerful pickups accelerate gently as the car ahead passes through the gate, disappearing around a bend obscured by robust trees. Outside the heated vehicles, it is a brisk, clear […]

Kaysie Hermsdorf: making her own way

Kaysie Hermsdorf, junior Houston native, set an undefeated 7-0 record during this year’s season opener at the Indiana Winter Invitational, where she was awarded Player of the Week from the Southland Conference. Hermsdorf dominated in singles and doubles against big schools in Indiana, Wisconsin and Oregon, but for her, the award came right out of the blue. […]

It’s All for Sport

A college athlete’s career takes years to build to an elite level. It takes a spark to ignite a passion in a child to become great. It takes years and years of hard work – extra time on the field perfecting skills, lifting and conditioning to get into top shape, training the mind to endure […]

From Africa to Abilene

Micah Conway’s room is worlds apart from a typical college student. Pictures cover his wall containing memories of home; by his desk hang several traditional and ceremonial African weaponry draped against a red cloth. More pictures of African wildlife and scenery adorn the walls. No one would think while looking at Micah that he is […]

The perfect match: De Leon and ACU together at last

It was because of a classic. A sports classic that is. He never had to go through the stress and pressure of deciding where to go, because he already knew. He knew from a very young age as a kid. He knew it was the place for him, and he would do whatever it took […]

The Samaritan that Sims built

In the last three years, Terry Bradshaw, Laura Bush and Condoleezza Rice have made visits to Abilene. Three years ago, the Abilene nonprofit, Global Samaritan Resources, hired a new executive director, Danny Sims. The timing is not a coincidence. Convincing celebrities to come to West Texas is one of the more external ways people have […]

Third trip’s the charm

On Aug. 27, Mandy Rama boarded a plane to finally return home, alongside 10 other students. Rama, a sophomore family studies major, has a different experience than her classmates – she was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, and has been waiting to return for the last 13 years. “I want so badly to leave here feeling […]