Faith Calls: ‘Duck Dynasty’ cast shares stories, laughs

Some travel delays did not keep three Duck Dynasty cast members from visiting campus and sharing their story with ACU students and the Abilene community Sunday night.
A student event was scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. but, because weather delayed their flight, it did not start until 5 p.m. But, once it began, Alan Robertson set the stage for [...]

Connected by Christ: Nursing students use God’s love to bridge language barrier in Guatemala

It’s Sunday morning, the day after their arrival in Montellano, Guatemala. Meghann McLeskey, Allie Greco and Christina Ponomarenko pack into an old church in the middle of the isolated village. The red walls of the building are discolored and peeling because of the immense humidity and the community’s lack of money to fix the church. [...]

Home is where the restart is

Kyle Yarbrough gets question-grilled and sideway-glances when giving out his current home address.
“Many don’t understand why I would choose to live there when there are other viable options,” he said. “Most people laugh then become interested and want to hear about my experience.”
After six months spent at Crescimento Limpo Recovery Ministry in Itu, Brazil, [...]

His eye is on the sparrow

On the bird hierarchy, sparrows are lowest on bird-watchers’ “must-watch” list. They possess no unique skills and are, in all, quite unexceptional. But Jesus gave special regard to the slighted sparrow, that if birds were cared for, surely we would be, too.
At Reedemed Ministries, women in its program go by the same name. Rather than being [...]

Welcome to Abilene for spring break

Students are sitting on the edge of their seats, nervously watching the clock. They wait anxiously for their teacher to dismiss them from class so they can jump in their car and drive. They’ll drive far, far away and watch as the Tower of Light fades in their rearview mirror.
But some students won’t. No, some [...]

The Great Persuaders

Where arguing is often avoided, ACU Debate has made a sport of it.
Even up against Div. I powerhouse schools, ACU’s Speech and Debate team has some trophies to boast of, said Dena Counts, instructor of communication and director of forensics and six-year advisor for the ACU Speech and Debate team.
“We compete against schools, like Notre [...]

Sing Song Yearbook

“They always told me to ‘just mouth the words, Schubert.’”
ACU President Phil Schubert remembers his Sing Song experience fondly, even if he wasn’t a standout vocalist.
And Schubert is not alone. He is just one of many faculty and staff who as students braved the sleepless nights, costume malfunctions and sore jaw muscles to participate in [...]

Hosting, no coasting

“Sing Song is our life,” said Caroline Nikolaus.
And there’s proof in their after-hours practicing.
It is the Saturday before final rehearsal week, the last night of freedom and eight hours of sleep. But these six can’t get enough of Sing Song, or each other. Instead of a night spent in singing-recess and solitude, they are together, [...]

Catching Atchley: 2014 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year

Rick Atchley (’78) should be a difficult man to get a hold of.
With 25 years under his minister belt at The Hills Church of Christ in North Richland Hills, two books written and guest-speaking appointments across the country, his schedule leaves little time for chit-chat.
But despite this prominence in the ministry realm, Atchley responds to [...]

Sick of lovesick

Roses are red, violets are blue, for those against heart-themed holidays, this one’s for you. Valentine’s Day is very much like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. While the couple-crowds will flock to restaurants for their holiday-demanded dates, many others simply want Cupid muzzled.
Next week, approximately 142 million Valentine’s [...]

8th time’s the charm

“Anna Ciufo is the most genuinely happy person I have ever met,” Zeta Rho President Kelsie Andrews said about her fellow club member.
Andrew’s description is echoed by everyone who knows Anna Ciufo, a junior kinesiology/pre-PT major from the Woodlands.
The portrayal is well-deserved watching Anna in a chock-full library, unable to go 10 feet without running [...]

Success that sticks

Jam-packed gyms, penny-pinching and trashed ashtrays are signs of the season for stopping old habits and starting new ones.
“Focus on time management at work and get back into my workout routine,” said ACU Police Chief Jimmy Ellison.
“Laugh more,” said Janine Morgan, a Core instructor.
“Read the Bible more and then do what it says with a [...]