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Police Log: Oct. 2 – 9, 2014

Weekly Highlight Report:
10/03/2014 10:28 a.m. THEFT
ACU Facilities: Hardin Administration Building: ACUPD was notified of the theft of a computer from the Administration Building which occurred in July 2014.

10/05/2014 07:30 p.m. BURGLARY OF MOTOR VEHICLE
ACU Parking Lot: University Park Apartments Lot: An ACU student reported the burglary of his automobile while it was parked in [...]

Police Log: Sept. 25 – Oct. 2, 2014

Weekly Highlight Report:

09/27/2014 6:21 p.m. ALARM
ACU Residence Hall: Mabee Hall: ACUPD investigated a report that someone had exited a Mabee Hall dorm via an alarmed, non-exit door. The person was identified by surveillance video.
Adjunct Area: 1826 Lincoln St.: A student reported that someone entered [...]

Police Log: Sept. 18 – 25, 2014

Weekly Highlight Report:
09/20/2014 10:45 a.m. THEFT (NON VEHICLE)
ACU Residence Hall: University Park Apartments: A UP resident reported the theft of her bicycle from UP.
09/21/2014 9:30 a.m. BURGLARY (MOTOR VEHICLE)
ACU Parking Lot: Smith Adams Hall Lot: A student reported that his vehicle had been burglarized in the Smith Adams parking lot.
09/21/2014 10:40 a.m. BURGLARY (MOTOR VEHICLE)
ACU Parking [...]

Police Log: Sept. 11 – 18, 2014

Weekly Highlight Report:
09/11/2014 2:07 p.m. CRIMINAL TRESPASS WARNING
Adjunct Area: 600 block of EN 18th St.: ACUPD officers issued a criminal trespass warning to a house guest who refused the tenant’s request to leave the premises.
09/12/2014 8:15 a.m. BURGLARY (BUSINESS)
ACU Facilities: Bennett Gym: Construction workers reported the theft of a contractor’s utility vehicle (cart) from inside [...]

Police Log: Sept. 4 – 11, 2014

Weekly Highlight Report:
09/06/2014 10:10 a.m. SUSPICIOUS PERSON
ACU Residence Hall: Smith Adams Hall: ACUPD responded to a Smith Adams desk worker’s report of a suspicious person asking to enter the dorm.  Officers responded and issued a criminal trespass warning and later arrested him for disorderly conduct off-campus.
09/08/2014 4:40 p.m. HIT & RUN
ACU Parking Lot: Campus Center [...]

Police Log: Aug. 26 – Sept. 3, 2014

Weekly Highlight Report:
08/27/2014 7:30 p.m. HIT & RUN
ACU Parking Lot: Smith Adams Hall Lot:  A student reported that her car had been struck by a hit-and-run driver.
08/29/2014 11:00 a.m. INDECENT EXPOSURE
Adjunct Area: 600 College Dr.: An ACU student reported a possible indecent exposure with an elderly suspect inside an apartment.
08/29/2014 HARASSMENT
ACU Facilities : Police Department: [...]

Police Log: Aug. 19 – 28, 2014

Weekly Highlight Report:
08/20/2014 10:00 a.m. THEFT (NON VEHICLE)
ACU Facilities: Teague Special Events Center: A student reported the theft of an Apple iPhone 5s from the women’s restroom at Teague SEC.
08/22/2014 6:22 p.m. THEFT
ACU Facilities: McGlothlin Campus Center: An ACU employee reported the theft of her purse from the ACU bookstore.
08/23/2014 1:38 p.m.  SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY
ACU [...]

Police Log: April 23 – 30, 2013

Weekly Highlight Report:
04/23/2013 8:22 p.m. THEFT (NON VEHICLE)
ACU Facilities: Student Wellness and Recreation Center: ACU student reported his Apple iPhone 4S stolen while he was playing basketball at the Rec Center.
04/24/2013 4:54 p.m. THEFT (NON VEHICLE)
ACU Facilities: Student Wellness and Recreation Center: Rec Center personnel reported the theft of a $250 metal lounge chair from [...]

Police Log: April 16 – 23, 2013

Weekly Highlight Report:
04/16/2013 10:30 p.m. THEFT (NON VEHICLE)
ACU Facilities – Moody Coliseum: A student reported the theft of her purple/gray Schwinn mountain bike from the north side of Moody Coliseum.
04/17/2013 11:25 a.m. HOLD UP ALARM
Adjunct Area – 825 N. Judge Ely Blvd.: ACUPD responded to a hold-up alarm at Taco Bueno, 825 N Judge Ely., [...]

Police Log: April 09 – 16, 2013

Weekly Highlight Report:
04/09/2013 1:36 p.m. SUSPICIOUS PERSON
ACU Facilities – Education Building: Education building personnel reported a suspicious male in a professor’s office. The person claimed to be a former student of the professor but gave Education personnel what was determined to be fictitious name and claimed to be a former student. He left the building [...]

Police Log: April 02 – 09, 2013

Weekly Highlight Report:
04/03/2013 9:08 p.m. INDECENT EXPOSURE
Adjunct area – 301 N Judge Ely Blvd: A citizen reported that a male in a black pickup had exposed himself at the United Supermarket on Judge Ely. Officers located the suspect at a convenience store in the 300 block of N Judge Ely. Suspect was identified and charges [...]

Police Log: March 10 – March 20, 2013

Weekly Highlight Report:

03/12/2013 12:49 p.m. FIRE ALARM
ACU Brown Library:  Officers responded to a fire alarm on the 3rd floor of Brown Library. Determined to be an accidental pull of the alarm.

03/13/2013 12: 05 a.m. BURGLAR ALARM
University Church of Christ 733 EN 16th: ACUPD officers responded to a burglar alarm at UCC, assisted church personnel check the facility. [...]