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The North Face shoes at


It’s OK to have violence in media

Police brutality, harassment, shootings, you name it. If you ask anyone why they don’t read the news, one of the most common responses is that it’s just too violent. Regardless, the news will never and should never back away from these stories. And neither should you. Apart from what some Twitter feeds might have said, […]

Being editor changed me for the worse

Being editor in chief of the Optimist this year changed me for the worse. For obvious reasons, this job made me a worse student. Lines were blurred between the work I was doing for class and the work I was doing for the next day’s paper. I couldn’t remember what would affect my GPA and […]

5 quick tips on surviving the studypocalypse

At this point in time, my life feels like an Avery Monsen and Jury John book.  To be more specific, All my friends are dead, with everybody disappearing to the theology room and other such places to drown themselves in study guides. Scattered across campus with blood-shot eyes and Starbucks in hand, we all barely […]

Finally Ready to Grow Up

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” When I was 8, I wanted to be a ballerina. The next day, I wanted to be President. Two weeks later? I was definitely going to be a full-time cheerleader. I had it all figured out…or so I thought. Now, that question has morphed into, […]

Nowhere to go but up

In my last-ever column for the Optimist, I’d like to talk a little bit about failure. I’m graduating in less than two weeks. I’ve been a college athlete for four years, three of them at the Div. I level. I’ve passed every class I’ve ever taken. I got through college in four years, despite two […]

Not the shaky camcorder video you expected

Many editorials and columns have been written on the subject of ISIS, both at the Optimist and in various other publications. Though I have known about the Islamic State for quite some time, it’s been through word of mouth and social media posts. Earlier this week, as I was reading the news in the morning, […]

When good things end

When I was about 6 years old, I had a very annoying habit. My parents would come to pick me up from playing at a friend’s house, and, no matter how long I had been there, I would throw a fit – a loud, embarrassing, bratty tantrum. This habit also came out just before bedtime when I always […]

Intramural season nearing a close with soccer finals

This shall be the penultimate printing of the intramural column everyone has grown to love (or hate) over the course of the last two semesters. And because there is no guarantee this column will be continued in the future (apparently it’s not the type of ‘true journalism’ the Optimist strives for), I would suggest you […]

I’m a lover, not a fighter

I’ve never done well when it comes to conflict. I was born a twin, and the most conflict I’ve been involved in is the fights my brother and I would get into when we were younger. Other than that, I’ve never gotten physical or even had a verbal argument with anyone. Ever. I’m not aggressive, and […]

One of those sappy study abroad farewell things

Four months ago, I got on a bus at the Hunter Welcome Center. I was crying, I was eating my last La Popular burrito, and I was quite nervous for the days ahead as I headed to DFW for my transatlantic adventure. And what an adventure it has been. I could now share with you […]

The opposite of loneliness

I stole this title from the brilliant Marina Keegan, a 2012 graduate from Yale. She planned to work at The New Yorker when she left school. Then, she died in a car accident five days after her graduation ceremony. In part, my words are written to honor her, to say thank you for the best […]

Stepping off the stage and into the job market

As a graduating senior, I’ve heard the dreaded question “what are you going to do after graduation?” about 100 times. As an English major, people always assume I want to teach. But, what I really want to do is write. While graduate school is forefront in my mind, the professional world isn’t far behind. As […]