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The North Face shoes at


My lesson in summer spending

This summer I got a job for 17 bucks an hour. That’s as much as I’m going to say about that job. The point is that I had a hefty amount of cash on my hands. So what do you think a 19-year-old who never got that much pay in his life before did with [...]

Blending in is not on the agenda

Buenos días mis amigos, y saludos de Uruguay.
It’s only been a little over a week since my study abroad group landed in Montevideo, but it feels like a lifetime. With plenty of midday naps, an abundance of coffee and an herbal drink called maté, time passes differently on this side of the equator.
The strange thing [...]

Spider-Man has my heart

I love superheroes.
My car is named “The Batmobile,” I have every superhero-themed piece of clothing (from a Superman onesie to Spider-Man socks and sweatshirts) and I’ve even seen Spider-Man the Musical.
My parents bought me tickets for my birthday this summer to Dallas Comic Con. The fact that it was my 22nd birthday, and not my 12th, [...]

Goodbye, old friend

“Robin Williams. What a concept.”
So said Billy Crystal at the Emmys Monday night, as one of dozens of public figures to give a tribute to the late legend since his passing.
Williams was one of many celebrities acknowledged in the memorial segment of the show, including Lauren Bacall, James Garner, Don Pardo, Shirley Temple, Mickey Rooney, [...]

Your basic back-to-school essay

Elementary school had a lot of things going for it. Maybe the best part, besides recess and pizza Friday’s, was that teachers didn’t expect third-graders to be able to do anything besides spell basic words, write in cursive (both of which aren’t used anymore) and go to the bathroom on their own, so at the [...]

Why would you want to leave the dorms?

ACU dorms. There’s not really much you can say about them. The usual complaints include their small size, lack of privacy and, if you’re a guy, the smell. As someone who spent two years living in a dorm, I can tell you they are necessary for every student here. Plus, haven’t you ever heard “you [...]

#Activism: Can social media save the world?

The advent of online social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook has transformed what social interactions and activism look like on a daily basis.
Good causes or noble efforts are often those that are trending on the world wide web.  In an article on social media and activism, Malcolm Gladwell says, “The world, we are told, [...]

The final frontier: A senior’s tale

Part of our department’s senior send-off included writing our goals and dreams on balloons and releasing them into the sky.
There are how many trees in Abilene? Not that many. Yet my balloon found one of them and was denied its ascent.
As I stood there, surveying the irony of the situation I thought to myself, “This [...]

This is not a goodbye column

They told me this is my last column for the Optimist, but I will spare you my top-10 tips I taught my freshman self. I tend to think there is a surplus of senior sentiments around this time and, frankly, my advice booklet is busting at the seams. Furthermore, I have a terminal case of [...]

Ramblings of a partial retiree

This is my goodbye column, but it’s not my last column. Which feels a bit awkward.
Usually when an editor writes her goodbye column, she’s sentimentally saying sayonara for good. But I guess you could say I’m retiring early or, maybe more accurately, partially retiring. I’ll no longer be Editor in Chief of the Optimist, but I’m [...]

Preparing for the future starts now

“It’s not you, it’s me.”
“I’m doing this for the both of us.”
“Our religions clash and my ancestors won’t be happy.”
I said these things to the Optimist staff when I broke up with them at the end of last semester. OK, maybe not that last one.
Nevertheless, it did feel like I was breaking up with them [...]

The art of the Netflix binge

Last week, I had a research paper due. It was the culmination of a semester’s worth of work and while I had done a lot of preparation, the project seemed endless. I had three days to produce a brilliant, scholarly work of art. I needed to descend into the dungeons of the library, listen to [...]