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On grief and breathing

There are moments sometimes in life that knock the breath out of us, moments when you wake up with a Facebook notification that makes you cry. Today, Hudson Wade, 11-year-old son of Kirk and Laura Wade, died after a four-month battle with leukemia. Hudson was diagnosed with leukemia in September and since that day, family and friends have […]

I’m not saying you should drop out, but…

Education is the key to success. I’ve heard this phrase or some rendition of it countless times, and I believe it’s true. However, it doesn’t ring true in the sense that you have to sit in a classroom and earn a degree to make something of yourself. Now, you can be just as successful without going to […]

Can someone tell me why I started watching the Bachelor

So I’m new to this whole “Bachelor” scene. There. I said it. I can now be classified among the millions of women in America who can’t seem to stop watching Ben Higgins on screen. I’ve never been a Bachelor girl. Before Monday, I had watched two episodes of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season and swore on my […]

A conservative’s support for on-campus carry ban

I’m sure most of us were surprised to receive an email from President Schubert last week while we were finishing up winter break. That email contained the decision to ban on-campus carry at Abilene Christian University. To me, it did not come as a shock that the university decided to continue its ban. In my time at […]

Think for yourself about campus carry

Guns, the 2nd Amendment, the NRA and other firearm related things are a huge deal in Texas. Before I moved to Texas I had no idea -Texas  culture is hard for someone from the North to understand. Today, campus carry is the hot topic in Texas. Over the past 4 months I’ve delved into the […]

Can Trump evolve beyond social Darwinism?

During the 2012 elections, several editorials and academic papers declared a rebirth of social Darwinism in candidates’ platforms. Today, I believe specific candidates have built on that rebirth and utilized a brand of neo-social Darwinism as their platform. Donald Trump stands out as the chief social Darwinist of the 2016 elections. But first, some background […]

#prayforparis: How we mourn in a digital age

One week after one of the world’s major cities was torn through by bullets and bombs, citizens of social media are in the midsts of discussions on foreign policy issues, immigration, refugee crises, profile pictures, hashtags, religion and mourning. If there’s a fight to be picked, you’ve probably seen it. A blog post, an opinion […]

Eating disorders: more than just a physical attack

It was 4 years ago that I first succeeded in throwing up after I’d eaten. It was strange because it was easier than I thought it would be, and it is a process I have repeated far too many times since. Seven months ago I sat in the doctors office and told him what I do every week, every […]

The perks of being an ACU swing cat

I know that a lot of pledging and social club mayhem is commencing on campus, and as an officer of Swing Cats, I can’t help but compare my swing dancing community to the social club circles. As an active member of the ACU Swing Cats and as an observer of social clubs, I think swing […]

I don’t always know but that’s OK

“I don’t know.” If you’ve ever had the dubious honor of taking a class with me, you would know that when called on by the professor, “I don’t know” is my favorite response. “I don’t know” is one of my favorite things to say. In class, if I don’t know the answer to the question, I don’t […]

An open letter to every professor I’ve had since freshman year

An open letter to every teacher I’ve had since freshman year: If you’ve ever been my teacher, odds are pretty good that I have slept quite soundly in your class. I’m writing this letter to let you know that I truly do care about learning and higher education but some days, my willpower just isn’t […]

Caterpillars bring light to other crises

I saw something that shocked me the other day; it was a complaint about caterpillars stuck to the bottom of a tire on someone’s car. This complaint, traced back to one Seth Montgomery, was just one in an onslaught of realizations and comical portrayals of unfortunate situations he has presented to the Twitterverse this semester. […]