The final frontier: A senior’s tale

Part of our department’s senior send-off included writing our goals and dreams on balloons and releasing them into the sky.
There are how many trees in Abilene? Not that many. Yet my balloon found one of them and was denied its ascent.
As I stood there, surveying the irony of the situation I thought to myself, “This [...]

This is not a goodbye column

They told me this is my last column for the Optimist, but I will spare you my top-10 tips I taught my freshman self. I tend to think there is a surplus of senior sentiments around this time and, frankly, my advice booklet is busting at the seams. Furthermore, I have a terminal case of [...]

Ramblings of a partial retiree

This is my goodbye column, but it’s not my last column. Which feels a bit awkward.
Usually when an editor writes her goodbye column, she’s sentimentally saying sayonara for good. But I guess you could say I’m retiring early or, maybe more accurately, partially retiring. I’ll no longer be Editor in Chief of the Optimist, but I’m [...]

Preparing for the future starts now

“It’s not you, it’s me.”
“I’m doing this for the both of us.”
“Our religions clash and my ancestors won’t be happy.”
I said these things to the Optimist staff when I broke up with them at the end of last semester. OK, maybe not that last one.
Nevertheless, it did feel like I was breaking up with them [...]

The art of the Netflix binge

Last week, I had a research paper due. It was the culmination of a semester’s worth of work and while I had done a lot of preparation, the project seemed endless. I had three days to produce a brilliant, scholarly work of art. I needed to descend into the dungeons of the library, listen to [...]

Tips from a senior who made it

In a few weeks, I’ll be graduating from ACU. In a few short years, you will too.
As unemployment continues to rise and college education becomes an expectation rather than a distinguishment, it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate ourselves from the mass of graduates. Now that companies value experience over education, our degrees no longer give [...]

Issues SCOTUS and ACU share

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the state of Michigan’s decision in a 6-2 ruling to end affirmative action at its public universities on Tuesday. This is not the first or final decision around the issue of a race-based admission process, nor any racial controversies in higher education for that matter.
Obviously ACU is neither a public university [...]

The hunt for the elusive internship

Observe the female college student in her natural habitat. She sits, hunched and attentive, in front of her computer, her eyes glazed over and her wrists in danger of carpal tunnel as she furiously types and clicks. It is obvious she is not on a normal hunt. She seems especially agitated as she hunts this [...]

A quick lesson in college life

It’s hard to believe that just a year ago I was hanging out with my high school graduating class during our spring break trip at the beach. Since that point, I’ve graduated, moved my life across the world, made new friends, gained new experiences and learned a lot of lessons. Here’s a list of things [...]

Training for the adulthood marathon

Running is a lot like growing up.
It took me years to want it and to realize it was what I needed. You see, running starts off as an ideal, like being a grown-up.
It’s good for you, you know. It helps you breathe. It helps you live.
Growing up isn’t easy. Before you do, it’s like lounging [...]

‘Faith Calls’ to everyone

On Sunday, the university was graced with the presence of three cast members of A&E’s record-breaking reality show Duck Dynasty.
Si, Alan and Lisa Robertson fought severe weather and a delayed flight to share tales and a few laughs with the Abilene community during an event named “Faith Calls.”
The message they shared was simple, but powerful and [...]

Examining introverts and extroverts

We all know the stereotypes. Introverts are the hermits at home watching Netflix, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. Extroverts are the party animals afraid of being alone for more that two seconds. Both stereotypes, but with a hint of truth.
So what is the reality of introversion and extroversion? To find out, I’ve been reading an [...]