‘Faith Calls’ to everyone

On Sunday, the university was graced with the presence of three cast members of A&E’s record-breaking reality show Duck Dynasty.
Si, Alan and Lisa Robertson fought severe weather and a delayed flight to share tales and a few laughs with the Abilene community during an event named “Faith Calls.”
The message they shared was simple, but powerful and [...]

Examining introverts and extroverts

We all know the stereotypes. Introverts are the hermits at home watching Netflix, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. Extroverts are the party animals afraid of being alone for more that two seconds. Both stereotypes, but with a hint of truth.
So what is the reality of introversion and extroversion? To find out, I’ve been reading an [...]

The post-grad world awaits

Graduation is looming ahead like a mountain, and the future is on the other side.
Prospective graduates everywhere are making plans for the rest of their lives, which is no small task. Some are searching for jobs and some still have yet to decide what they want to be when they “grow up.”
What many graduates have [...]

Convictions still have a place

I chose a major that has given me no choice but to confront truth from all angles. As journalists, we have a duty to deliver the facts and made to word them in an unbiased AP Style. It forces our truths to be exposed, put on the stand and cross-examined. Many of mine have been [...]

From the desk of the president: SA leadership is a lifestyle

By Dylan Benac, SA president
For 90 years, the Students’ Association has been advocating and representing the student body here on the ACU campus. For two of those 90 years, I have had the pleasure to serve in a roll high up in the executive cabinet. In my time as vice president and as president of [...]

What that Buzzfeed quiz actually says about you

Are you left or right brained? Which Frozen character are you? ISTJ? Myers-Briggs? Wait, who is Carl Jung? Are you just a Hagrid in a Hermione world?
If you haven’t noticed the Buzzfeed quizzes plaguing your Facebook timeline as of late, you’ve at least had your share of personality tests doled out by past middle school [...]

Busyness does not equal happiness

When I walk across campus and ask people how they are, the overwhelming answer is a sigh followed by one word – busy. We’re college students. We have to be constantly busy, otherwise we’re not doing something right.
We fill our days and our lives with intramurals, clubs, jobs and homework. We take pride in not [...]

Grueling glory days of college

Without a doubt, you’ve heard your parents gripe before, “Back when I was a kid…,” and thought the same thing as me: Stop. Those days have long since passed and the world has changed.
Yes, gas prices have more than doubled. A hamburger isn’t as thick as it used to be. No, movies aren’t just a [...]

Tips from a first-time FilmFest-er

Just last issue, there was a guest column talking about the lessons learned from ACU’s FilmFest.
So now it’s my turn. This is the first time I’ve ever participated or attended a festival like this, and I have a few things to say about it.
Firstly, take any opportunity you can to dress up nicely. In general, [...]

The process of procrastination

There’s a soccer ball sitting in the yard next door. It’s mine. I think one of my friends kicked it over there, and it’s been sitting there for months. I keep meaning to go get it, but tomorrow always seems like a better time to do it. So it just keeps sitting there.
I am a [...]

FilmFest taught lessons for life

The FilmFest judges are on their way home after an incredible weekend, and as always, I’m left with my mind reeling and heart swelling with a grand mix of emotions.
I’ve been involved with FilmFest for the past four years, so this weekend has been especially significant to me as I look back over my college [...]

The vicious cycle: A bike saga

You must be loyal. If you find yourself on campus on this Friday afternoon, your first-Friday-after-returning-from-spring-break afternoon no less, reading the Optimist opinion page (and not just for the tweets), you must be one of our most loyal readers.
And if you’re a very loyal upperclassman, you may remember (but honestly, there’s no way you would) [...]