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The North Face shoes at


The importance of being English

Defining a culture as a whole is a difficult task to take on. It involves much more than a brief glance or quick read of a Wikipedia page. Culture is more than events in a history textbook or foods on a table; rather, it makes its home in the psyche of the people. One must first […]

Chippity doo da: the search for love

Living in Corpus Christi and growing up in a predominantly Latino culture, I am no stranger to some bomb Mexican food. You can’t drive two miles without passing one or more authentic Mexican food eateries. With so many options, it may seem difficult to decide where to eat, right? Wrong. Because every one of the […]

Long live Legos

A few minutes before I started writing this column, my friend Branson came up to my desk to deliver a delightful piece of nostalgia. Who here has played with Legos, specifically Bionicles? Lego recently came out with a new line of Bionicles, and my friend gave me the honor of building one of them (claps hands excitedly). […]

Breaking the cycle: A bike saga

Three editors, three years, three bikes stolen. Look at it this way: the editors at the Optimist are cursed. Not only do we have to deal with all things news-related at ACU, but we have to live in constant threat of having our bikes stolen. Maybe bike thieves are targeting us editors, but what if they […]

New Year, same resolution ruin

We are fourteen days into 2015 and not only have I already failed to keep all of my New Year’s resolutions, but I’ve forgotten what they were to begin with. The idea of a clean slate is appealing and new beginnings sound refreshing. But neither of those are enough to change the ways of a […]

One big leap for mankind

The world can be so full of hate sometimes, but on this particular day, it seems as if there’s a little less. Yesterday, while I was putting off my work, I saw on TV that Tiffany & Co. featured a same-sex couple in their new ad campaign entitled “Will You.” This is the first time […]

Graduating senior says names matter

Often when people talk about what makes ACU such a special place, they talk about the people they encounter. I am grateful for my education from ACU, but the greatest part of my ACU experience has been the lives that have become a part of my story. I am sure all of us can picture […]

The Wildcatitudes

In preparing for the end of the semester and all that entails, I thought a blessing would only be fitting. Study in peace. Blessed are those without Netflix subscriptions, for they will have time to inherit the earth. Blessed are the remaining Chapel goers, for they will see God. Let’s be honest, at this point […]

A farewell to dorms

Nine days are all I’ve got left. Nine days left in a little town called Abilene at a campus I have come to call home. Nine more days of the Bean. Only nine short days ’til I hand in the key (which I think I have lost) to the last dorm room I’ll ever live […]

De León is the real deal-eon

In case you missed it, ACU chose Houston native and Notre Dame product Lee De León as the new athletic director. For me personally, it was a bit of a shock, but a happy one for sure. In the past, whether it be an administrative role or a coaching position, ACU has gained the reputation […]

I’m discovering where the maker meets the lab

This semester has been full of new experiences for me. Even as a sophomore, there are still so many things to experience here on our campus. There is one experience in particular that I have grown fond of – the Maker Lab. The Maker Lab piqued my curiosity when my professor recommended me to use […]

Putting together the intramural playoff picture

In this penultimate intramural column of 2014, we’ll take a look at the final volleyball standings and preview the playoff pictures. The waterball regular season is also over, and results from last night’s games are available online at Women’s Champ Volleyball Surprise, surprise. Kojies and Siggies are two of three teams tied atop the […]