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Diets are for quitters

After this semester, I will never look at food the same way again. As an elective, I decided to take a nutrition class that ties in social injustice. So far, though, it’s turned out to be a class that makes me regret ever eating anything. Ever. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating, but only a little. I’ve […]

How the ACU bubble fuels the sexual assault cycle

I have never been more aware of the existence of the “ACU bubble” or convinced of the sense of conservatism on our campus until last Friday when the Optimist reported on a student who was indicted for sexual assault. Not all, but a good sum of students reacted to the story in a manner that […]

Sports and character go hand-in-hand

I grew up in the San Fernando Valley down in a little area of Southern California known as Los Angeles County. I also attended the University of Nevada, Reno, for a year, which happens to be the alma mater of a certain California NFL team’s quarterback. Basically, this all adds up to me being a huge fan […]

The Senioritis is strong with this one

It’s the one thing every college student thinks they’ll be prepared for when the time comes. Throughout college, they hear horror stories of the syndrome that affects seniors, making them slack in all areas of life, longing for the day of freedom from academia: Senioritis. Sophomores lie to themselves, thinking, “Maybe it won’t happen to […]

Social clubs fall behind in intramural basketball standings

After a one-week hiatus due to the annual Sing Song extravaganza (nice job on the predictions, Optimist), intramurals returned with a vengeance to the gyms of the Rec. The glitter littering the floor was replaced with sweat, and ‘bows were once again thrown rather than worn. Costumes were traded for headbands, wristbands and the occasional […]

Telling stories is sharing experiences

You would think that as a journalism major, I would’ve learned by now to always carry a notebook and pen with me everywhere I go. I see stories and words and ideas everywhere I turn, but often these thoughts are far from my mind by the time I am equipped to record them. I guess […]

Crowdfunding is the smartest invention

Sing Song has ended. Three different acts now have $1,000 to give to their chosen charity. Let’s review the options, shall we? In true countdown fashion, my first thought was to go to a crowdfunding platform. Why not give back to the community in that way? Crowdfunding platforms, which date back before 2012 but only […]

How this story told itself

When I started writing this story in November, it was just another assignment for class. I planned on turning in the required 750 words and hoped for a good grade. But over the next few weeks, the story began to reveal its depth through sources who wouldn’t talk to me and fading documents that barely […]

Country music tune beats to an offensive drum

“Somebody’s gotta wear a pretty skirt, somebody’s gotta be the one to flirt, somebody’s gotta want to hold his hand, so God made girls…” If you listen to modern country music at all, you’ll recognize those lyrics. They belong to RaeLynn’s hit God Made Girls, a song about how pretty and sweet women are. It’s a […]

Sing Song Blues change her tune

Last year, a tragedy occurred in my life. I must have lost my mind because I got the horrible idea to forego Sing Song participation this year. So when the Sing Song sign-up sheet came by in club this year, I let it go by, unsigned. And now I’ve got the Sing Song Blues. See, […]

Basketball ‘bows exchanged for Sing Song bows this weekend

The Rec remains silent this week; one might even say it is lonely, without the dribbling of basketballs and tears of defeat to keep it company late into these warm winter evenings. In truth, the Rec’s older and bigger brother, Moody Coliseum, is stealing all the intramural glory this week with some event everyone seems […]

Change is inevitable, especially across the pond

I came to the United Kingdom with the idea that I was going to, in a sense, reinvent myself. I saw things in myself that I wanted to be different, so I figured being Oxford would be a good place to begin something totally new and different inside of me. Now three weeks into this crazy, […]