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New spin on Intramurals

This weekend, I played in the intramural Ultimate Frisbee tournament. Well actually, I just ran around and congested the middle of the field with defenders who didn’t know I wasn’t actually going to touch the Frisbee.
I was asked to play only because, being a co-ed tournament, there was a requirement of at least two female players [...]

Dream Team Frisbee dominates intramural tournament

Ramsey Towell, senior computer science major from Abilene, woke with a start early Saturday morning, dripping in a cold sweat. He’d never experienced a nightmare like this before – the annual intramural Ultimate Frisbee tournament had been canceled.
Back to reality, he sighed in relief and tried to slow his rapid breathing. He calmly rested the [...]

Analyzing Cult Classic Concepts

Believe it or not, Pitch Perfect came out two years ago. (Yeah, now you feel old.) Even though it’s history, the majority of the Internet/American population will know what you are talking about if you start doing the cup song.
Some recent movies like Pitch Perfect have made a significant impact on our culture. [...]

I Don’t Want to Grow Up

Every senior you’ve run into lately is probably telling you how they’re so ready to graduate, to leave ACU and be free.
Well, not me. I don’t wanna grow up.
Growing up means graduating. Graduating means the real world. The real world means no more nap breaks, no more late-night Rosa’s runs with friends and no more [...]

Taking a leap of faith

Studying abroad is a lot like applying for college: the tough part isn’t getting in, it’s staying.
Starting is fun. It’s new, it’s an adventure. But when you arrive, it’s not as easy as you’d think.
You have to keep the grades, maintain the schedule and get to know the people.
The same applies to studying [...]

No intramurals this week? No problem

As a collective group of diehard intramural fans, we are in the midst of the worst 10 days of the flag football season. From rainouts to Summit meetings to pledging activities, our beloved sport is being forced to play second fiddle to other university activities, meaning no games will be played until next week. The [...]

About this whole senioritis thing

It’s the fourth week of the first semester of the school year, and all I can think about is May. That glorious day in the spring when I’ll finally be done with school.
As graduation creeps up, it’s extremely difficult for me not to act like I already have one foot out the door. You all [...]

Getting old

I think I’m getting old. The signs are all there.
I have several gray hairs. When I stand up after sitting for an extended period of time, I feel stiff. I can’t stay up as late as I used to (I’m completely useless after an all-nighter), I can’t sleep in as late as I used to [...]

Get it together NFL

There is a bad week, and then there is the NFL equivalent of a bad week.
The National Football League has undergone extreme scrutiny lately, primarily due to recent events involving domestic violence cases. The week of Sept. 8 can already be regarded as one of the ugliest for the league in recent memory.
Unless you’ve been [...]

Our campus microcosm

A microcosm is a situation that encompasses the characteristics of something much larger, but on a mini scale.
So living on a college campus, I can’t help but think about the structure of our university, especially student life, as a mini version of the larger “real world” that seems to linger outside of the Lunsford. It’s [...]

Sharing books means sharing connections

Lately I’ve been thinking about books more than I normally do. Of course, if you know me, you know that I’ve always loved books. Books are not only my primary method of decoration in my room, but I’d say they might even have the top spot on my list of enjoyable recreational activities.
Someone recently asked me [...]

My lesson in summer spending

This summer I got a job for 17 bucks an hour. That’s as much as I’m going to say about that job. The point is that I had a hefty amount of cash on my hands. So what do you think a 19-year-old who never got that much pay in his life before did with [...]