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The North Face shoes at


Local attention from ISIS points to Dyess Air Force Base

Abilene, the not-so-small small town of West Texas, populated by about 120,000 people. Abilene, where students complain nothing ever happens, and, well, nothing ever happens. Based on this perspective, it’s hard to think anyone would ever target Abilene for anything – concerts, fairs or malicious acts included, which is why it was so hard to […]

What do Ted Cruz and Kanye West have in common?

A few days ago our very own Texan, Sen. Ted Cruz, announced that he is running for president in 2016. Like many politicians, this charismatic, outspoken congressman has as many extreme supporters as he does opponents. Some of these opponents are so passionate that they have created petitions and campaigns to knock Cruz out of the presidential race. […]

New revenue sources welcomed if they mean lower tuition

ACU has made plans to open a new campus in Dallas. Many important details have yet to be decided, like its exact location or which graduate programs will offer on-campus classes rather than online. But even without knowing the details, ACU’s incentive and drive behind the plan is clear: money. Universities across the country are seeing their […]

TEDxACU is sharing ideas at a high price

Ten presenters are coming to Cullen Auditorium April 17 as part of an independently organized local TED event called TEDxACU. According to the TED website, “In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.” The cost of “sharing” for students […]

Should the new student activity fee cause concerns?

The creation of a student activity fee has generated mixed feelings among students. The fee, which will be $25 per semester, is effective next fall. This will produce $95,000 that will go toward funding students entertainment, such as concerts, and hiring a part-time position to find said entertainment and of course all the allocations to student […]

Is age a factor in keeping professors relevant?

Young people complaining about old people is a first-degree cliche. So we just want to clarify: that’s not the point of this editorial. The point is that universities are one of the few environments where a large group of people in their early twenties spend their days listening to and learning from people twice their […]

ACU marketing inconsistent with technology in classrooms

You’re sitting in class and you observe the students surrounding you—trying their best to ignore the professors. There is the guy in front of you watching the golf tournament, the girl on your right scrolling through Pinterest and the students next to you iMessaging each other while simultaneously planning their spring break trip on their […]

Why we report on indictments of students

On Page 1 of this publication, one of our reporters wrote a story on the sexual assault indictment of Jacob Windsor, who was enrolled as an ACU student last semester. Though we as staff realize the sensitivity of this story and of the allegations in the indictment, we determined it was important enough information to share […]

Covering a legacy like the ag department

On Friday, the Optimist featured a tabloid insert documenting the past, present and future of the Department of Agriculture and Environmental Science. Some questions may have been raised, like ‘Why did we spend the time and money on an extra eight-page tabloid on one department?’ or ‘Why haven’t other departments that have been closed seen […]

Ritualistic behavior discovered in northern hemisphere

Anthropologists in the northern hemisphere recently discovered the ceremonies of a southern-located population. In their study, they found this particular tribe of people to have practiced and perfected a specific ritual more what they date as almost sixty years. According to records, the ritual engrossed more than 63 percent of the tribe, resulting in mass […]

SA makes wise choices with smaller budget

On Wednesday, the Students’ Association met to pass a bill for their spring budget. It looked and sounded a lot like last fall’s budget meeting, but there were a few differences worth noting. The most significant probably being the size of the budget as a whole. When the SA budget goes down, it usually means […]

Here’s to developments bringing more burritos

Community leaders in Abilene met with officials in the ACU Endowment Office last week to discuss the possibility of developing the northeast side of Abilene. ACU owns a lot of the land sitting over there. About 600 acres of land actually. While it is just waiting there patiently to be developed, building a bunch of […]