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Entra la Plaza ACU FB vs. HBU ACU FB vs. HBU ACU FB vs. HBU Freshman Follies 2015 2015-09-10-11-48-38-EE_1 Intramural Football Week 1 XC at Grover Nelson Park (9/4/15)
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The North Face shoes at


Highways and Byways is a form of worhsip

Highways and Byways is easily the most popular song performed in Chapel, receiving a shout out at least once a week in Moody. The song features an upbeat tune along with hand motions that make it a fun way to end any Praise Day. But some students question whether the song is an authentic way to […]

Budget passes with lack of conversation

On Wednesday, the Students’ Association passed the fall 2015 budget in record time with a $9,712.80 overall increase in incoming revenue. In just over 45 minutes, Congress passed the $163,076 budget, with only one motion interrupting the flow of things. The new student fee of $25, proposed and passed by SA last semester in an […]

War on police will not solve anything

“It is time that you guys know that we are no longer playing around with the police departments. Aurora and Denver, we are about to start striking fear, shooting down all cops that we see by theirselves (sic).” This call, released by the Aurora Police Department over the weekend, is just the tip of the […]

Opinion page aims to stir conversation

The function of the Opinion page is to get students, faculty, staff and all other readers to talk about things happening on and off campus. By detailing our opinions through columns, editorials and cartoons, we hope to stir up conversation about things ranging from the lack of Blue Bell to recent shootings. Just as we […]

It’s time to stop going back to ‘basic’

Walking around in yoga pants, hair in a messy bun, eyebrows on fleek and Starbucks in hand, any girl would labeled as “basic” right off the bat. But please, for the love of all things just, let’s eliminate this label from our vocabulary  “Basic” has spread through our vernacular similar to LOL and JK, at […]

In the midst of crisis, Facebook proves helpful, comforting

More than 4,600 people are confirmed dead from the Nepal earthquake. And according to Al Jazeera, Nepal’s prime minister said that it could reach up to 10,000. At a time when people are displaced, missing or even dead, a surprising resource is providing comfort for those looking for loved ones: social media. New Internet technology […]

‘A cog in the machine’ is no excuse for former Nazi

Tuesday was a controversial day in Germany with the start of the trial of 93-year-old Oskar Groening, the “Accountant of Auschwitz” as he’s known in the German press. He is being charged as an accessory to 300,000 murders. Most people view the events at Auschwitz to be black and white, and therefore, may be confused as to […]

A week in news that goes beyond Kylie Jenner’s lips

People across the internet have been puckering up for the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. And if the concept of the challenge doesn’t make you laugh, the results will. Instead of drastically enhancing their lips, people (yes, men and women) have accidentally burst blood vessels under the skin and caused extensive bruising. And while we’d love to […]

To kick or not to kick the Yik

The Office of Multicultural Enrichment is fighting one of the most powerful forces in the history of civilization: the Internet. The “Kick the Yik” campaign was launched by OME in response to the abundance of racist, sexist and offensive yaks on the controversial app. They are encouraging students to delete the app from their phones. […]

Campus carry bill seems to cause more problems than it solves

In March, the Texas Senate passed “campus carry” legislation that would expand the state’s concealed handgun license (CHL) rights to allow CHL holders to also carry their guns into certain buildings in Texas’ public colleges and universities. It’s expected to pass the House as well, and Governor Abbott has said he will sign any open […]

Breaking down the 2015 SA Executive Office candidates

Whether it’s during national, local or even Students’ Association elections, the Optimist has had a long-standing tradition of endorsing candidates. The purpose of endorsing, like everything else on the opinion page, is to start a conversation. It gets people talking, not just about the candidate the editorial board thinks is right for the job, but also […]

SA candidates need competitors

It’s really unfortunate that there is only one candidate for both the SA presidential and vice presidential races this year. Beau Carter is running unopposed for president, and Caleb Orr is running unopposed for vice president, but this year’s ballot box says more about how the ACU student body has changed than it does the […]