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The North Face shoes at


Voter ID laws should be decided further out from Super Tuesday

The U.S Supreme Court recently ruled to uphold the Texas Voter Law that will affect the upcoming November elections. The new law has changed the accepted forms of identification, stating that only certain types of identification will be accepted in to vote. Personal ids, drivers licenses, birth certificates, U.S. citizenship papers, a U.S passport, a [...]

The call for original and independent Sing Song directors

It’s October and preparations for Sing Song are already taking place. And honestly, who’s surprised?
For as many students who couldn’t care less about Sing Song and are hardly involved, just as many students are completely obsessed. So preparing now for the show in February makes perfect sense not just to Tom Craig, director of [...]

America is more Nobel than you

The Nobel Peace Prize was recently awarded to two individuals – Malala Yousafzai, a 17-year-old Pakastani who was attacked by the Taliban for advocating the education of Muslim girls, and Kailash Satyarthi, an Indian actively fighting against the exploitation of children.
Yousafzai is the youngest to ever receive a Nobel Prize. Her story is filled with [...]

Ebola is hitting close to home

Ebola is hitting close to home. Literally.
Dr. Kent Brantly, the first Ebola patient in the U.S. and ACU alumnus, is returning to Abilene this week for a homecoming visit. In the same week we learned Brantly was coming, the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S. was admitted to a Dallas hospital—a [...]

A Spaceport in Midland? An out-of-this-world idea

Mid-September marked a somewhat historic event in the state of Texas when the Federal Aviation Administration issued a license for the Midland International Airport to build a commercial spaceport. This will be the first time a primary commercial service airport will also be cleared to host spaceships.
XCOR Aerospace will relocate its headquarters and flight test [...]

What Scotland and Texas have in common

Here’s your geography lesson for the day: Scotland has been a part of the United Kingdom, along with England, Wales and Northern Ireland, since 1707. About 300 years later, Scotland voted whether to remain in the UK and finally decided last week that they would stay.
But what if this historic Scotish movement was replayed somewhere [...]

See how SA allocates students’ money

On Wednesday, the Students’ Association presented its proposal for the fall budget and passed it after making a few amendments. This year SA received $90,000 total from the university.
Included in every student’s tuition is a fee that goes to SA. The idea is that, in turn, this money will be spent in ways that benefit [...]

A skeptical Congress is right to arm rebels, FSA

In the U.S. House of Representatives’ vote taken Wednesday, Congress approved Obama’s plan to combat ISIS by training Syrian rebels. The House was split 273 in favor and 156 in opposition of the amendment.
Though the plan is now approved, exactly what it will look like in action is unsure. President Obama has made it very [...]

The Editorial Board’s opinion on open-house hours

Last Monday, freshmen and sophomores all over campus could be heard rejoicing because more open-house hours were finally extended. And it’s about time.
Students of the opposite sex will now be able to visit each other’s dorm rooms on Wednesday and Thursday nights instead of having to find on- and off-campus places to hang with their [...]

Changes in pledging requires support from Student Life

Chris Riley, vice president of Student Life, said he hopes changes to the pledging process ultimately encourage more participation across the student body.
“We want to try to provide opportunities for as much participation as we can in clubs,” he said. “We want to think of ways for clubs to be more successful for the types [...]

Apple’s latest announcement lacks innovation

After nerds around the world counted down for weeks in advance and tech sites speculated for months, Apple unveiled its newest products yesterday. But despite the anticipation and suspense, the only real news was that they named their smartwatch Apple Watch instead of iWatch.
The opening video touted that Apple was “seeing things different.”
“Those words mean [...]

The Yik Yak effect: students speak out

“No login, no password, no traces; simply anonymous.”
That is the motto of Yik Yak, the messaging app that allows students to make anonymous posts to be seen by anybody using the app in the surrounding area, or, in our case, on campus.
We have received two letters to the editor in response to the Optimist’s decision [...]