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The North Face shoes at

The 12-game, no bye-week season

The Wildcats faced the Georgia State Panthers on Aug. 27 in the earliest start to NCAA Div. I football since 2003.
Both teams will play their next game on Sept. 6., but the difference between the two teams is that this will be the Wildcats’ only break between games for the rest of the 2014 season.
The [...]

The NBA Playoffs: The Old Man Game

Watching Zach Randolph succeed in the NBA playoffs reminds me of pickup basketball at the gym.
There is always that one old man that has no athleticism at all, but continues to do his thing and before you know it, he has scored six times in the last nine possessions. The old guy will embarrass anyone [...]

The Masters: What we learned

Bubba Watson claimed his second green jacket in three years last week and reminded us of a couple of things. First, golf is bigger than Tiger Woods. Second, the next Tiger Woods is nowhere to be found.
The Masters was as captivating as ever. Magnolia Lane, azaleas and Amen Corner will never go out of style, [...]

Racism in sports faded but not extinct

DeSean Jackson, who is black, was recently released from the Philadelphia Eagles amid accusations that Jackson was a member of a gang. Unfortunately, this is an example of racism in the world of professional football.
In American sports, racism festers into the decision-making process of executives and coaches in more teams than we, or they, would [...]

Final Four should be a great finish

After an incredible two weeks of March Madness, the Final Four is shaping up to be a perfect ending to the tournament.
Friday night, only a couple of hours from ACU, two great college basketball games will take center stage in Jerryworld.
Florida is the only one seed that survived their region, but this final four does [...]

March Madness lives up to its name

With one weekend of March Madness in the books, it is safe to say that brackets are busted and everyone’s quest for one billion dollars ended in dejection. However, the first two rounds of March Madness left everyone with a smile and wonderful memories.
Right here in the Southland Conference, history was made when Stephen F. [...]

The unnecessary need for padded hats

Major League Baseball has approved of a padded baseball cap that will be available for all pitchers who choose to wear them. The cap is designed to protect pitchers from line drives that could seriously injure them.
Despite the best efforts of the MLB, it is impossible to keep pitchers safe because of the nature of [...]

Larry McDuffey: ACU’s next great receiver?

The ACU football team is welcoming a former three-star recruit to spring practice.
Former University of Houston wide receiver Larry McDuffey transferred to ACU after playing two seasons for the Cougars.
McDuffey was a standout at North Shore High School, which is in the Houston area, and made an immediate impact in his college career.
McDuffey’s saw plenty [...]

Winter Olympics-One man’s take

It may just be me, but I just can’t get into the Winter Olympics. They don’t excite me, at all. I am very patriotic and I love watching my country win medals but the summer Olympics are far better in my opinion. You can call me crazy for not enjoying hockey, luge or even curling, [...]

Remembering the pioneers

“The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart” -1 Samuel 16:7
Tony Dungy, former NFL head coach, used this verse to start one of the chapters in his bestselling book Quiet Strength.
To most fans and athletes, Tony Dungy is simply a [...]

The return of America’s pastime

The second week in February is circled on just about everyone’s calendar for some reason or another. ACU’s Sing Song is upon us, Valentine’s Day has love in the air and most importantly, Spring training is right around the corner.
Baseball fans have been counting down the days since the end of October while they wait [...]

Super Bowl: Defense wins championships

Super Bowl XLVIII was a disaster from the start. The Broncos started the game by botching a snap and it only got worse from there. The Broncos could not protect Peyton Manning or hold onto the ball the entire game, proving once again that defense wins championships.
In this pass-happy NFL that Rodger Goodell built, we [...]