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TIPA 2010

Annual Convention of the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association
March 25-27, 2010 – Kerrville, Texas

Live On-Site Contests

  • Chelsea Hackney – 1st Place, Copy Editing
  • Blane Singletary – 1st Place, Radio Announcing
  • Jeff Craig – 2nd Place, Print Sportswriting
  • Blane Singletary – 2nd Place, Video News
  • Chelsea Hackney – 2nd Place, Radio Newswriting
  • Emma Pierce – 2nd Place, PR Crisis Management
  • Laura Acuff – HM, Feature Writing
  • Heather Leiphart – HM, News Photo
  • Lucas Wright – HM, TV Advertising

Pre-Submitted Contests (2009 content)

  • Radio Categories
    • KACU – 1st Place, Sweepstakes
    • Josh Jones, Lara Jones, Blane Singletary, Farron Salley, Zane Goggans, Brian Holland – 1st Place Overall, Newscast: The Late Edition
    • Blane Singletary – 1st Place, Spot News: National story
    • Blane Singletary – 1st Place: Spot Commercial/Promo/PSA: All Things Considered
    • Blane Singletary – 2nd Place Production: Eye on Entertainment
    • Sommerly Simser – 2nd Place Feature Story: Farmer’s market
    • Brian Holland -3rd Place, Sportscast: World Baseball Classic
  • TV Categories
    • Brandon Tripp and Kimberly Prather – 2nd Place, Sportscast “The Tripp-Prather duo – Prather is selling it too much, relax and be more natural.”
    • Brandon Tripp, Farron Salley, Daniel Johnson-Kim – 3rd Place, Overall Newscast: JMC Network Newscast
    • Cody Veteto – HM, Feature Story: Barber shop singers. “Interesting story and solid production values. However, the story needed opening and closing information to place the story in a context.”
  • Newspaper Categories
    • The Optimist – 1st Place, Sweepstakes Award
    • The Optimist – 2nd Place, Overall Excellence
    • JMC Network Staff – 1st Place, Special Edition (Section): Race @ ACU
    • Kelline Linton – 1st Place, Feature Story: “A Cut Above the Rest” “A simple story told well. Excellent lead.”
    • Alex York, 1st Place,  Illustration (Non-photo): “The Great Divide” “Very good – idea taken to art. Not overdone, just enough.”
    • Lizzy Spano  – 1st Place , Feature Page Design: “Mind the Gap” “Excellent. Made me want to read the story. Perfect construction of page.”
    • Jozie Sands – 1st Place,  Picture Story: “The Upside of Down Syndrome” “Very good. Captures emotion.”
    • Michael Freeman – 2nd Place, News Story: “Former student convicted of capital murder” “Very strong crime reporting with good background information about the crime and the man convicted.”
    • Colter Hettich – 2nd Place, Feature Page Design: “A Cut Above the Rest” “Excellent. Made me want to read the story. Perfect construction of page. Ditto for Colter. ACU should hold workshops to teach page design.”
    • Camille Vandendriessche – 2nd Place, In-Depth Reporting: “Faithless Few” “Places the reader in the story of a minority group on campus, serving one of journalism’s often-overlooked priorities.”
    • Jozie Sands –  2nd Place, News Photo: “Up in Flames” “Good eye for composition”
    • Daniel Johnson-Kim – 2nd Place , Sports News Story: “Multitude of records ripped from season” “Detailed and informative on major story for the school. I also like how he got the point of view of the school’s most successful track and field athlete.”
    • Jeff Craig –  2nd Place, Sports Page Design “The page clearly shows what is the main story on the page but still shows balance with top picture and the story in gray at the bottom. There is also a healthy amount of white space which adds to the overall look.”
    • Alex York – 3rd Place, Illustration (Non-Photo): “Race @ ACU” “Lot of impact. York knows what he is doing and how to do it.”
    • Colter Hettich – 3rd Place, Headline: “The Reason for the Teasin'”
    • Alex York – 3rd Place, Editorial Cartoon:
    • Heather Leiphart – 3rd Place, Sports Feature Photo: “What Happened?”
    • Daniel Johnson-Kim – 3rd Place, Page One Design: April 9 Good balance. Liked use of white space. Watch using 6 col heads more than once on front page.”
    • Grant Abston – 3rd Place, Sports Page Design “While not displaying as much flair as the other top pages, it is the most organized and balanced of the contenders.”
    • Linda Bailey – 3rd Place, Opinion/Editorial Page Design: Dec.4
    • Colter Hettich – HM, Information Graphic: “West Texas showdown”
    • Blake Penfield – HM, Critical Review: “Who should watch The Watchmen?”
    • Chandler Harris – HM, Sports Column: “Twitter ..”
    • Brandon Tripp – HM, Sports Feature Story: “Finding his Father” “An emotional story of a kid who finally gets to meet the father he never knew. Well done.”
  • Online Categories
    • The Optimist – 2nd Place, General Web Site Excellence
    • JMC Network Staff – 2nd Place, Best Interactivity
    • Chandler Harris – 2nd Place, Best Video: “Sounds from the Stands”
    • JMC Network Staff – 2nd Place, Best Breaking News: “SA Congress impeaches President”